Toshera shares her Family Tree Clinic experience

you’re gonna check out your body this is the only body that we have and and and the body contains mental health all parts of us and being able to talk to people the way you’re treated when you come in to the visit all those things play a role so that’s the message that […]

Ron shares his Family Tree Clinic experience

The comfort level. I feel safe. You know, the support. The system that’s here. It’s like home. It’s like going home to see your family. And there’s no barriers. You know. And that goes with ah, feeling safe with the interpreters. They provide a lot of accommodations for me being Deaf and low vision. You […]

Give to the Max Day at Family Tree Clinic

Hi, it’s time for Give to the Max again. Remember last year? We raised over $10,000 and we had a match on top of it. That was awesome. I hope Family Tree Clinic is on your list again this year. Our average patient is 30, doesn’t have health insurance, and makes less than $960 a […]

Riley shares their Family Tree Clinic experience

one of the things that this place does really well is it doesn’t just focus on sexual health issues and tries to like the staff tries to educate themselves on like what other issues play into your health that could be affecting it so like well sexual health is like the primary thing that gets […]

Family Tree Clinic

Don’t be nervous (giggle) Umm…don’t be! Yeah. (chuckle) That makes sense. I get that, you know, like a health care settings in general can be really nerve racking. I think it’s understandable that someone would be nervous coming into a new space especially if they’re dealing with um certain things like being trans umm, you […]