Generations See What Their 150 Year Old Relatives Look Like For The First Time

– I have no idea who that is and why I’m upset about it. – Oh! (gasps) What? – I feel like my roots have been spread out and I’m reaching out into the past. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, this time of year tends to bring people together, and it usually means […]

Ancestry of Donald Trump: Trump’s ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt

Trump’s ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt, Palatinate on his father’s side, and from the Outer Hebrides isles of Scotland on his mother’s side All his grandparents, and his mother, were born in Europe. His mother’s grandfather was also christened “Donald”. Trump’s paternal grandfather, Friedrich Trump (later Frederick), first emigrated to the United […]

Ancestry Commercial – Discover Who You REALLY Are with Ancestry

I’m really excited to see my results, I’ve always wanted to learn more about my lineage and family history! My grandma passed when I was young, so I’m excited to learn about my family tree. My parents never really told me a lot about my relatives, so I’m excited to learn more about who I’m […]

Our Ancient Human Cousins!

♪Intro♪ Oh, hi there! Squeaks and I were just checking our e-mail, and it looks like you have a message from your sister. (Squeaks squeaks) Hm, I wonder what it is… Oooh, it’s your family tree! There are his grandparents, then his parents in the middle, and then their kids — including Squeaks and his […]

The Family History Guide FamilySearch P 1 G 3 Show Me

Welcome to The Family History Guide Show-Me series. This segment applies to Project 1, FamilySearch Goal 3, View details about children and spouses. You can open the FamilySearch website and The Family History Guide website in separate windows, and you can pause the video to try out the specific instructions. Depending on your browser settings, […]

The Best Sharing Solution for Family History

Isn’t it about time we dragged family history publishing and sharing into the 21st century? Meet Alice. She started researching her family history online and discovered amazing access to old records and ancestors. But after a lot of time and effort, Alice found herself locked into a research service with never-ending hints and matches to […]

Cheryl Finds Lost Photo Of Mariner Ancestors | Who Do You Think You Are

she wants to know more about her seafaring ancestors. she’s come to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle to meet Carolyn ball who runs the archives hi sir I was wondering if you could help me abate rocket rife and I brought over this family tree which is basically the moment all I have okay and […]

Brainetics Family Tree: The Alabastros | Mike Byster | Brainetics

We wanted to put Brainetics to the test, so we found the Alabastros, an average American family with three kids who have been struggling with Math anxiety and lacked the interest and confidence they need to truly excel in their studies. Mr. Alabastros: What my hope is for our kids taking the brainetics challenge is […]

Human Origins 101 | National Geographic

– [Narrator] Millions of years before industry, agriculture and civilization the world stage was set for one creature’s unprecedented rise. The story of humanity’s evolution began about seven million years ago when the human lineage broke away from that of chimpanzees. Over time an ensemble cast of over 20 early humans species or hominins came […]