Enabling Community Contributions ft. Tom Scott

Community contributions Hey what’s up my name is Ali, I’m a Creative Strategist here at YouTube. We wanted to make an episode about community contributions so I spoke to Tom Scott who has been using this tool for quite a while. Community contributions is a tool that allows your audience to transcribe or translate your […]

Foster a positive community – featuring Jackie Celona from jrcpr0ductions

Foster a positive community On YouTube, you have an opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Here are a few key tips that help you more easily moderate your community, protect your privacy, and stay safe online. Set the tone of your conversation Setting a good example in your comments and behavior can […]

Build your YouTube community – featuring Kalista Elaine

One of the most powerful things about YouTube is that you can make a name for yourself, no matter what you’re passionate about. Whether it’s lifestyle content, online gaming, or sketch comedy you can build a supportive and inclusive community around you. Building a community takes time and effort. So try to stay positive, even […]