Out of Place: The Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality (Part 2)

Film Histories Episode 35 – Inchon

Often being referred to as the forgotten war, the Korean War, has seen lasting of effects in the modern world. But in terms of quantity to other modern wars, Korean War films pale in comparison to films on World War II, or the Vietnam War. That’s not to say there aren’t films on the Korean […]

It’s A Wonderful Life: Individual vs. Community

[Piano music] As we sink deeper into the fever dream that is this unusually divisive and fear filled season, it’s nice to have an antidotal feeling in the form of winter holidays. Throughout which, despite being co-opted by Hallmark commercialism, a sense of family, of coming together predominates. My family ritual of this time of […]

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Soundtrack | OST Tracklist

dead poets society || sign of the times [CC]

— medicine, law, business, engineering, — these are all noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. — but poetry, beauty, romance, love, — these are what we stay alive for. (just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times) (welcome to the final show) (i hope you’re wearing your best clothes) (you can’t bribe […]

The Family OFFICIAL Trailer

>>FRED: There was a time when I had it all. People would ask, what was it like being untouchable. The question they really should have asked was what happens when it’s all over?>>STANSFIELD: There was a time when I had it all. People would ask, what was it like being untouchable. The question they really […]

Science Communication and Society specialisation – Leiden University

So I did a master of Bio-Pharmaceutical Science and I chose the specialization in Science Communication and Society. A lot of people are having doubts and not trusting science, like climate change or vaccines. So our job is to bring science to the wider public. So that they know that science is for everyone, and […]

Our Big Bear Family

JIM KOWALCZIK: We’re one big bear family! JIM KOWALCZIK: Our bear family is like every other family and stuff, you love them to death, but there’s other times they drive you nuts, right? COMM: Jim and Susan run a centre for orphaned wildlife in Otisville, New York. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: I’m there every day, but he […]

Jack Whitehall reacts to family’s ‘horrific’ past | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Talking of pedigree, in fact, and genealogy and things, you did ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Oh God, yeah. And it was It was grim discoveries. It was the worst episode ever! It was awful! I did ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and the answer to that question is an arsehole. Like my […]