Minneapolis Community Comes Together On Christmas After Homeless Shelter Fire | NBC Nightly News

Community Ecology: Feel the Love – Crash Course Ecology #4

I wouldn’t be much of a teacher if I didn’t tell you that life is tough and that everyone’s looking out for themselves in this world. That’s just the way it is, people. You know how I always say that biology is ultimately about sex and not dying? Well both of those things are more […]

How a Somali Refugee Is Creating Community in Minnesota

(soft music) – [Hudda] I vividly remember the Civil War in Somalia. Of course there was fear there. It was not a safe place for us. And that’s the reason why we left our own country. – [Minnie] When Hudda landed in the U.S. she had no idea that her neighbors would be afraid of […]

How To Build a Healthy Society – Dr. Mark Hyman With Sadhguru

hello can you hear cauvery is calling a tree is not worrying about its health a bird is not worrying about its health the Buffalo in the wild is not worrying about his health he just in tune with nature and he is healthy right now Commerce is leading for the health of the economy […]

Family Ragu with Gennaro Contaldo

music intro I am Genarro Contaldo and this is my family dish Its so good olive oil goes in 500 gram top side of beef you can use brisket as well its fantastic roughly this is the size you want 500 grams of spare ribs 200 grams of sausages just cut them in half mix […]

Crystal Lake Community Harvest 2019

You could not believe what two hours of your time, Thanksgiving morning, can do for your community. My name is Sarah, and I’ve had the great pleasure of volunteering at Community Harvest for 17 years. On Thanksgiving morning at the Crystal Lake Food Pantry, about 1000 of us come together and sort all the food […]

Sausage Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Superfood Family Classics

Hello lovely people, I’m going to show you a brand new recipe, from my brand new book, which is Super Food Family Classics It’s all about the food that you love, but made really healthy were going to do a gorgeous pasta, my sausage and broccoli pasta Very simple, straight forward, and this is something […]

The Awakened Life Project A Spiritual Community & Ecovillage | Auroras Eye Films

Bringing a Community Together Through Tacos

– All Flavor No Grease is a new version of bringing unity to the community through food. (upbeat mood music) Nobody has died on this street, no gunfire within the last, like, five years, for a fact. (upbeat mood music) There’s a ceasefire and a peace treaty going on from the consensus of food on […]