Fruit Tree Planting Tips – Family Plot

All right, Mr. D., let’s talk a little bit about planting fruit trees. What do we need to start with that? Is this the time of year to be doing that? – This is the time of year to be really getting involved in planting fruit trees. It’s not the time of year to stick […]

Apricot – Prunus armeniacum – Growing Apricots – How to prune Apricot Tree

Apricot – Prunus armeniacum This time of year, all the cherry trees are starting to pop into bloom and the same genus applies to Apricots. Apricots belong to the same genus that includes cherries and plums, Prunus, a very large group of plants. These are not selected for the beauty of their flowers but for […]

Fall Fruit Tree Care – Family Plot

Alright Mister D., fall fruit tree care. What do we need to be doing? – Harvesting, if you’ve got apples. It’s a little early on pears, or my pears anyway, are not quite ready yet. If you still have fruit on the trees and you’ve been following a cover spray program, you need to continue […]

Spraying Peach Trees – Family Plot

Alright Mr D. – Talk about sprayin’. – We’re gonna talk about sprayin’ trees, right? – Peach trees, that’s right. Before I get into the actual spraying demonstration, I wanna talk a little bit about safety. Probably the best thing you can do where safety is concerned first is to read the label. And near […]