Together, we can empower change – Seneca Park Zoo Society

We empower change for the future of wildlife. We empower change for a greener tomorrow. We empower change in our neighborhoods, our region, and around the world. We empower change for kids and kids at heart. We understand we can only be successful conserving wildlife and wild places if we engage the whole community everywhere […]

How Microsoft Azure is helping the American Cancer Society

>>We touch millions of lives every year.>>Everyone that volunteers for us has been impacted by cancer.>>Our volunteers did not like our older apps, we needed to change everything. We had to transition to a DevOps methodology. We moved from Team Foundation Server to Visual Studio Team Services for the ease of collaboration.>>We used Visual Studio […]

The Cancer Society – how we can help

Every day 63 Kiwis will be given the news they’ve got cancer. Knowing where to turn can make all the difference. If you’ve been affected by cancer we’re here to help. Gidday and welcome. I’m Andrew, come on in, meet my team and find out what we do. Kia Ora I’m Michelle. I head up […]

Stu Steps Up – Part One – Multiple Sclerosis Society UK

My first symptoms of MS appeared when I was 13. I was just walking to play a game of rugby at school and fell over on an ordinary pavement. What’s going on here, I don’t have any injury, there’s nothing wrong with me, what’s happened? Then followed five years of investigations, tests, relapses, problems arriving, […]

Creating Our Future Campaign, Minnesota Historical Society

(piano music) [Annette Atkins] History has the power to change our lives by giving people the tools to wonder, to imagine, and to remember times before they were alive. (piano music) [Ford Bell] The Minnesota Historical Society preserves all kinds of history of our state. I made a gift to support digitization of the collections […]