We need to figure out a way to kill that monster and prevent it from getting into orbit Otherwise, it could endanger the whole universe Captain, I have already prepared a plan that is quite logical Oh I know! Quick question; in this very logical plan, are there any parts where you’re still alive and […]

Josh Charles Reflects on Robin Williams 30 Years After Dead Poets Society

-You know what? I follow you on the Instagrams and the Twitters and stuff. And you posted this. And I kind of was blown away. It is been 30 years since “Dead Poets Society.” -30 years this month. -Is that right? -Yeah. -You were a baby. -I was a little baby. Look at that, it […]


Ok, guys, it’s been like five months and now we have the second intergalactic threat this year. So, those who are going this time are… the Russian girl, Indian boy… Hispanic girl, black dude, Chinese guy and to lead… okay… Lieutenant? Maybe I could go too… Mmm don’t think so. Last time it didn’t work […]

I was sponsored by Square Enix to wreak havoc upon society in Just Cause 4

So in case you can’t tell from the title This video is actually sponsored by Square Enix The gave me early access to Just Cause 4 which isn’t releasing until December 4th a lot of people have asked me to play a game In the Just Cause series on the channel So I thought this […]

The Bandits Movie! Part 3 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

Andy Samberg Bonded with Sandra Oh and Tracked Down His Mom’s Birth Parents

-You and Sandra Oh hosted the Golden Globes the other night, did a great job. -Yeah. Thanks. [ Cheers and applause ] Thanks. -That’s a tough — That is a tough, tough room. I know from experience. -Yeah. -I don’t know if you saw what happened with me. -I recently re-watched it, yeah. -Did you […]

What Happened Before History? Human Origins

The world we live in feels normal, ordinary. It feels like this is just how humans exist and always existed. But, it’s not. Never before have we humans lived in a world as sophisticated and engineered to our needs as today. Giving us the luxury to forget about ourselves and not worry about survival. Food, […]


– Why are you here? Have you come to be initiated? Then come on in! So secret societies have been a target of interest by a lot of people throughout history, Mainly because of the mysticism and secrecy surrounding them. A lot of us look at these societies as sinister, not just because we don’t […]

College Life – RICH vs NORMAL | #Fun #Sketch #RolePlay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

came back together after such a long time so hit 2,00,000 LIKES and enjoy the video Madam which one you choose show me your ID card I come regularly so what its our duty to check Cards where’s your card? its to humid background is looking so dull see there’s your relative :-)) Greetings Father-in-law… […]


After the surprise attack from Dr. Fate, our group of superheroes are in a complicated situation, where apparently only Stuff can save them Stuff! You need to hold the jet! Stuff is trying, but it’s too heavy! Stuff is starting to get sleepy No Stuff! No sleep now! You have to keep being the Stuff! […]