The South – Game of Thrones Season 8 Histories and Lore

Tormund: For thousands of years, when my people looked south, they saw only a wall of ice where lonely crows perched. The kneelers had stolen our horizon. When our tools shattered against frozen rock, or our boats capsized in rough seas, or bears and shadowcats snatched our game, we cursed the soft men of the […]

The Blackfyres – Game of Thrones Season 8 Histories and Lore

Varys: Aegon, the Fourth of His Name, is remembered by history as “The Unworthy”. Quite a feat considering the other kings of Westeros. But even in a family not known for equanimity, Aegon stands out for spiteful incompetence. He tore apart the realm simply because he couldn’t rule himself, much less Westeros. As a young […]

Game of Thrones – Histories and Lore – Season 5 Complete – ENG and TR Subtitles

SHIREEN: The Dance of Dragons: A True Telling by Grand Maester Munkun. Being a history of the war of Targaryen succession between the Princess Rhaenyra and Aegon, Second of His Name that nearly destroyed the realm. VISERYS: The Dance of the Dragons. A stupid name for a Targaryen civil war when my ancestors danced away […]

Maegor the Cruel – Game of Thrones Season 8 Histories and Lore –

Varys: Though the Targaryens had forged the Seven Kingdoms in fire and blood, they didn’t govern with them. Until they did. Maegor, First of His Name, defined counsel as confirmation and disagreement as treason. Three Grand Maesters tried to avert disaster. Instead of taking their advice, Maegor took their heads. As a second son and […]

Game of Thrones – Histories & Lore: The Westerlands

(Tywin Lannister) The Westerlands are all bounded by three natural defenses. Mountain, sea and forest. Necessary barriers when the land is as rich as ours. From our mines come the gold and silνer that fuel the rest of Westeros. From Lannisport, our largest city, come the most skillful gold and silνersmiths in the land. Yet, […]

Game of Thrones Histories and Lore – The Dothraki by Jorah Mormont

JORAH MORMONT: The Doom took Valyria in minutes. But the rest of Essos wasn’t so lucky. Out of the east swarmed the Dothraki. And there were no dragons to push them back. The Dothraki tide slammed first into the Sarnori, who called themselves the Tall Men, and whose ancient kingdom dominated the grasslands of Essos. […]

Game of Thrones – Histories and Lore – Season 2 Complete – ENG and TR Subtitles

STANNIS: My brother, Robert Baratheon had raised the banners of Storm’s End, our ancestral castle, against the Mad King, Aerys. Jon Arryn of the Vale and Eddard Stark of the north stood with him, and Hoster Tully of the Riverlands would join. But their lands were far from ours, and separated by the combined strength […]

Game of Thrones – Histories and Lore – Season 3 Complete – ENG and TR Subtitles

JON: As a boy looking out from my father’s castle, I thought the sun could never set on the North. So vast did it seem. A part of me still does. The North is by far the largest of the Seven Kingdoms and can fit the other six inside it. Not that the others care. […]

Game of Thrones – Histories and Lore – Season 1 Complete – ENG and TR Subtitles

Bran: In the Dawn Age of Westeros, before the coming of man and the raising of castles and cities, there were only the Children of the Forest. Little is known of them now, but it is said they were small in stature, dark and beautiful, and no taller than children when grown to manhood. They […]

Game of Thrones Histories and Lore – Brotherhood Without Banners by Thoros of Myr

THOROS: King Robert still lived and Lord Eddard Stark had just survived an ambush by Jaime Lannister in King’s Landing. We were the King’s men. Charged by the King’s Hand to bring the King’s justice to the false knight, Gregor Clegane, who was raping and murdering the King’s subjects in the Riverlands. To be honest, […]