Outfits Censored In Lineage 2 Revolution | CG News

Lineage 2 Revolution is a mobile MMO developed and published by South Korean company Netmarble. The title was first released in Korea and Japan back in December 2016 and was later localised and released in Western countries in November 2017. With the recent launch of the Western version, it has been discovered that numerous armour […]

The Gears Of War Family Tree Explained | The Leaderboard

– [Narrator] The Gears of War universe is full of high-stakes battles, where the fate of humanity often rests on neckless dudes with chainsaw guns and a giant orbital death laser. But sometimes, it’s the power of family that really ties everything together. So, let’s dive into the various family trees that shape the events […]

Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Solo Playthrough #4/5 (Aridor)


Mark: I’m so happy this is happening. This is gonna be awesome. Bob: I am brimming with confidence that Wade is gonna be a good sport and we’re all gonna play along and it’s gonna be… Wade: I was a good sport last time! *Mark laughing* Bob: You were a moderately bad sport… *Mark still […]

Dota – We, the Community (Documentary, ENG & RU subtitles)

We were pioneers… We were unique… We were restless pursuers of our dreams… It was the year 2002, when Blizzard Entertainment released the strategy game Warcraft 3 along with a powerful editing tool that would allow players to create their own custom modifications. What started out as one game, turned into thousands. But it was […]

Community Creations – Life is Strange 2

It is no secret that the Life is Strange community is brimming with creative talent and we love showing off your work in our #FanArtFriday feature across our social channels. But today, we’re taking it one step further and dedicating a video to you passionate, talented artists. Let’s check out some Life is Strange 2 […]

The White Shirt

Ellie… OoooooOOOOOOoooo Ellie… Who are you? What are you doing here? Rowan did you just – I – I don’t care I’m doing a thing Check the cupboard… My precious Don’t talk to me I’m doing a thing No… No – we destroyed it You destroyed nothing! Please Ellie resist it Resist it! It’s too […]

RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 3: It’s Brawl in the Family | Rooster Teeth

♫Maybe red’s like roses♫ ♫Maybe it’s the pool of blood♫ ♫the innocents will lay in♫ ♫when in the end you’ve failed to save them♫ ♫Their dying eyes♫ ♫are wide and white like snow♫ ♫and now they know♫ ♫the cost of trusting you’s obliteration♫ ♫Mirrors will shatter♫ ♫crushed by the weight of the world♫ ♫The pillars […]

Country Bump-Kin

Alright now let’s see if y’all can keep up with how many birdies this guy has for me. Immigrant cocksucker! WHAT??? OH -ARGH! I’ll have you know I’m just from outta state, pal! [whistle] Yeah there you go you snot-noosy! now look folks sometimes I do feel bad about these NPC programs I mean after […]


Digging down… (scream) Dude, It’s a COFFIN! It’s FGTV! (garble) What’s up FGTVers we are back playing Hello Neighbor The Alpha One update Which is in the middle of the first one we played and the second one we played. It’s confusing we know. some crazy stuff happened as promised I said I would not […]