Ancestry DNA Results | British Raj Secrets: Am I Mixed Race??

Hi! I’m Lozzy I sent off for an Ancestry DNA test a few weeks ago now and I just found out that the results are in so I thought I’d do a video I’m excited but I’m also really scared…? I don’t know why; really nervous So what we do know of my family history […]

What is DNA Overlap on GEDmatch? – A Segment of DNA

if you haven’t logged on to Gedmatch recently then one thing you might see when you’re looking at your match list is overlap and what is overlap why is it important and why is there so much confusion we’re gonna try to tackle that today howdy I’m Andy Lee with Family History Fanatics and this […]

Genesis vs. GEDmatch: What’s the Difference? – A Segment of DNA

last November I almost had a heart attack Genesis was here howdy I’m Andy lee with family history fanatics and this is a segment of DNA be sure to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell if you’d like to be notified about upcoming episodes I’ve been using Ged match for almost six […]

Grandpa Ancestry DNA Results: How big was the lie? | British Raj Secrets

Hi guys! Exciting news… My grandpa’s Ancestry DNA test results are in Following from my last video I don’t wanna go back into all the boring (lol jk, super interesting) details so if you don’t want to know about my family history and why we thought we were what we were not check out my […]

Upgrading your One-to-Many matching with Tier 1 – A Segment of DNA

Are you a tier one member of Ged match? Then if so you have some added functionality in the one-to-many tool. Howdy I’m Andy Lee with Family History Fanatics and this is a segment of DNA. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and click on that bell if you want to be notified about […]

My Ancestry DNA Kit Results Compared to Gedmatch

Hi so I just did something very cool I uploaded my information to Gedmatch Now one of my cousins just pointed out the is a website where you can upload your raw dna from Ancestry, to 23 and me and I think Family Tree DNA as well. You can upload it to Gedmatch And […]