Using a Family Group Sheet

Hello, now we are going to discuss how to use a family group sheet when doing genealogical research. For each person on your ancestor chart, you will want to create a family group sheet. Although you may wonder why you need to record information about an ancestor’s siblings, doing so allows you to gather information […]

The Best Times — September 3, 2015

– [Voiceover] On tonight’s edition of The Best Times, you’ll meet a man of many roles, Reverend John Kilzer. We’ll explore the hobby of genealogy and show you ways to discover your family tree. And we’ll examine some of the most common disorders that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. (gentle music) Funding […]

The records of the English parish church with Viv Parker

Hello everyone its lovely to see you. So we are actually looking at Parish records So why do we? Well they’re actually vital to our research It details births, marriages, burials, and I’m sure that most of you have looked at those at some stage But the incumbents might write about the events that have […]

Get More Advanced Genealogy Tips From BCPL

Music The local libraries often have state histories, like Maryland history in the Maryland libraries, and you can find information for families that were prominent in the time that the state was founded, or even throughout the centuries, especially if you’re in a big city library where you can look at a place where they […]

Welcome to the Genealogy Center

Welcome to the Genealogy Center, temporary home of the Special Collections Division. You may recognize this building as the former home of the temporary Electra C Doren Branch, before that it was the Northeast Priority Board building and originally it was a fire station. Let’s go inside. All right, here we are at the Genealogy […]

Finding My Ancestors Village in Switzerland | Travel Vlog

I arrived in Schiers last night. And it’s a tiny little village in the east end of Switzerland. And you might be thinking what am I doing in a tiny little village that has not really a lot of interest. Well, it’s because my eight or nine times great grandfather and grandmother, they came from […]

Big Brothers Big Sisters & Year Up & Latino Genealogy

>>>Good evening, I’m Jose Cardenas. Tonight on “Horizonte,” big brothers, big sisters of central Arizona are looking for adult mentors. Learn how you can make a difference in a child’s life. Plus a group giving young adults the skills and experience they need to get a job. And the importance of Latino genealogy and family […]

Relatives Genealogical Software

As your family grows and you welcome new members it can be important to remember where they came from. The problem is keeping track all those branches in root to the family tree. RELATIVES is a simple to use program that will help you visualize your family tree as far back as you want. With […]

Learn how to Get Started in Genealogy with BCPL

Music The best place is to start with what you know. Write down – take a piece of paper and write down all the information about yourself – when you were born, when you were born, and any other information that you have, like place that you were born. Those are the sort of things […]

Creating a Family History Video Part 2

Hi. Welcome to Part 2 of this blog about making a family history video. Today we’re going to be editing and sharing your movie. I’m going to use Pinnacle Studio for iPad. It has all the features we need to edit a great movie and also to easily share our movie on a social network […]