Family Tree U.K. – Dick Eastman at Who Do You Think You Are Live 2015, Birmingham, UK

hi I’m Nick Thorne from The Nosey Genealogist and I’m here with Dick Eastman and the name of your newsletter is? Its Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter And the next time I start a newsletter it will have a shorter name! Great! So how did you get into blogging on genealogy? Purely accidentally, you know the […]

Prosecutors Used Genealogy Website To Track Down Golden State Killer | NBC Nightly News

Family Tree U.K. – Chris Baker, Military Genealogy Expert interview with The Nosey Genealogist

Hi I’m Nick Thorne from the Nosey Genealogist blog and I’m here on TheGenealogis website’s stand with Chris Baker a military expert from Fourteen Eighteen website and he’s just been doing a talk on military records. Hi Chris. like this Hello Nick. How did it go? Great, thank you! Great audience, tremendous buzz, very nice […]