Finding repositories for probate records

Probate documents can be goldmines for genealogical research, but few documents are both digitized and digitally indexed, so expect to put in some real effort to find these. In this video, I’ll cover the prep work you’ll need to do to find a repository for probate records. I’ll cover finding documents in a second video. […]

Kristin Adams gets an Ancestor-Inspired Makeover | Relative Race

♪♪ [laughing] Oh my gosh.Hi, I’m Kristin Adams.My husband and I make family friendly online content. And today I’m getting a makeover inspired by my grandma.Her family immigrated from Russia.She was born in Herington, Kansas.A very small town,where I spent a lot of summers and a lot of family vacations. Probably one of my biggest […]

Navigating The World Family Tree on (Flash Tree) – Genealogy Tutorial

Hello everybody. On today’s genealogy tutorial I will be discussing how to navigate the world Family Tree on For today’s example I will be using Abraham Lincoln’s family tree and will be viewing it in what’s known as the flash family tree. Now there’s two family trees that you can view on Geni; the […]

Impressions of RootsTech 2020

Hi, I’m Linda Sattgast, and I’m Charlie Sattgast and the two of us went to RootsTech conference last week. So we want to tell you about it and let you know why we think it’s a good thing to go to if you ever get the chance. [Music] Charlie, why don’t you tell us about […]

Navigating the World Family Tree on (HTML Tree) – Genealogy Tutorial

Hello everybody! I’m Jarrett Ross the GeneaVlogger and welcome to a new genealogy tutorial. On today’s genealogy tutorial we will be discussing how to navigate the HTML version of the world family tree on Some of you may have seen my previous genealogy tutorial on how to navigate the flash version of the world […]

RootsTech 2020 Interviews – Blaine Bettinger on Artifact DNA Testing

Hello everybody! I’m Jarrett Ross, the GeneaVlogger, and we are here at RootsTech 2020 with another amazing guest, who you probably know all about if you’ve done any sort of DNA testing. Could I have you introduce yourself to everyone? Yeah, my name is Blaine Bettinger I am a genetic genealogist blogger. I specialize in […]

Everyone has a story, discover yours with Family Tree magazine

Each and every one of us has a story no matter how big or small. Family Tree magazine gives you everything you need to help you get started on your own journey of discovery. These stories are what make us unique. Our family history is part of us. It’s our legacy. And it starts with […]

Grow Your Family Tree Online

Hello and welcome to the MyHeritage webinar series. I’m Geoff Ras, I’m a senior host broadcasting to you live from webinar headquarters in Middleton, Idaho. Today we have Uri Gonen, who is with us live in Toronto, Canada, for his class, Genealogy for Advanced Users, Grow Your Family Tree Online. Thanks to Uri and thanks […]

Are we all related? Finding the Most Recent Common Ancestor

Are we all related? In genealogy a common ancestor of any set of individuals is defined as someone from whom all the people in the group are descended. For example, you and your cousin are descendents of the same grandparents so your grandfather and his parents are the common ancestors of you and your cousin. […]

How to Build a Family Tree

On MyHeritage, you can discover, preserve and share your family history right from your computer or smartphone. Sign up at Start by creating your family tree on MyHeritage. It takes just a few minutes. Enter a few details about yourself. Fill in the names of your parents and grandparents. An instant discovery on your […]