My Dad Left Us After A DNA Test

Hi! My name is Damian. The story that I‘d like to tell you… is very painful for my family and me. But my experience could probably help somebody. Even though I don’t know how. Well… just listen. I will tell you what had happened last Christmas, but first, let me explain what my life was […]

When Will The Try Guys Die?

– Is this whole book me? (dramatic drumming) This video is the real one, it’s Fox in the early 2000s, who’s gonna die! We’re gonna spit in a tube, we’re sending to scientist, they’re sending it back, and they’re telling us how we’re gonna get sick. – So, one of you did actually test positive […]

FINDING YOUR ROOTS | Season 4 Official Teaser Trailer | PBS

Henry Lewis Gates: Every family has family stories. This is your full family tree. Amy Schumer: Wait stop, is this a joke? Lupita Nyong’o: No! William H. Macy: I got a chill. VO: Henry Lewis Gates helps them discover a past they never knew. Scarlett Johansson: I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Ted Danson: I’m […]

Singaporeans Try: Taking DNA Test + GIVEAWAY!

You’re tendency to become prone to obesity! Hi guys! Hi! Hi! How well do you know yourself? I feel like both of us are very outspoken. I guess. Do you think I’m a extrovert, Chris? Uhh…I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know, we actually don’t talk a lot very often. Don’t expose this […]

Why Human Ancestry Matters: Crash Course Big History 205

Hi there, I’m Emily Graslie and welcome to Crash Course Big History. Today, we’ll be discussing human ancestry and genealogy – important for understanding where we come from and how we relate to each other today. Looking at the modern science on the topic, the evidence points toward conclusions that unify humanity into a closely […]

My 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results 2016!!!

Hi guys hope you’re all doing well, so as you can see it says that I’m 98.9 percent European…. shocker there umm… for northwestern European it says that I’m 85.5 percent and then it that breaks down into the british and irish and it says that i’m 35.9 percent and then french and german is […]

The at-home DNA test craze is putting us all at risk

– I’ve always wanted to take one of these at home DNA tests ’cause I wanna learn more about my family’s background and they’re super cheap so I figured why not? – And I have no interest in these tests. I think it’s really creepy for some company to have my private DNA. Either way […]

The Genes and Genealogy Project at Spelman College

The genetics and genealogy project is an effort to make science relevant and engaging to today’s students. Students often find science to be dull and kind of remote, removed from their everyday life, so by asking them to think about science in the context of their own genetics and their own ancestry we’re making it […]

I took a DNA test – here are the results.

Hi, I’m Dave from Boyinaband. You like genetics? You like science? Cool. This is for you. The other day I spat in, like, a test tube, and sent it off. And I’ve recently got my results back. Today we’re going to look at what we can find out… …from my DNA. So we’re on the […]