Alleles and Genes

Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and Facebook! I don’t remember which grade it was where I learned something about my tastebuds that can never be unlearned, but the event and the lesson with genetics has stuck with me forever. […]

Everything We Know About Dinosaur Evolution Just Changed, Here’s Why

We all know by now that most dinosaurs were probably feathered, right? I mean, since the discovery of feathered theropod dinosaur fossils in the mid-1990s, that’s become pretty common knowledge. This year, in 2019, scientists have linked together many fossil and genetic discoveries to address a long-standing question in the paleontological community. When did feathers […]

What Happens When You Inbreed?

On your quest to find love, and possibly have offspring, many of us cringe at the idea of mating with a sibling or any relative really, weird. But what’s the big problem with incest in the first place? What actually happens when you inbreed? The first thing to understand is how any trait you have […]


Relatedness – Tales from the Genome

In general, people find they’re most similar to their immediate family because they’re most related to them. More distant family members still show similarities, but fewer similarities than the closely related family. For example, you might compare yourself to one of your parents, say your mother, and you might be looking at traits that you […]

Bringing Family History Publishing and Sharing into the 21st Century with Clanview.

Isn’t it about time we dragged family history publishing and sharing into the 21st century! Meet Alice she started researching her family history online and discovered amazing access to old records and ancestors. But after a lot of time and effort, Alice found herself locked into a research service with never-ending hints and matches to […]

Authors at Google: Dan Lynch, “Google Your Family Tree”

>>presenter: We’re excited and honored to welcome Dan Lynch here at Google today; author of Google Your Family Tree. Dan is a very experienced Google expert as well as family historian. In his early days he was a vice president of marketing at and has been a professional genealogy consultant for many years. We’re […]

Shane Burley: Countering The Intellectual Pseudoscientific Claims Surrounding Ethnicity, Race, & IQ

ROB SEIMETZ: One question I wanted to ask you and I thought you did a great job when I listened to the interview of coffee with comrades is this this dance that they do where they’re the victim through multiculturalism they’re the victim but yet at the same time it’s this genetics that makes them […]

How we’re building the world’s largest family tree | Yaniv Erlich

People use the internet for various reasons. It turns out that one of the most popular categories of website is something that people typically consume in private. It involves curiosity, non-insignificant levels of self-indulgence and is centered around recording the reproductive activities of other people. (Laughter) Of course, I’m talking about genealogy — (Laughter) the […]

Are Home DNA Kits Hiding a Secret?

Personal data doesn’t get much more personal than this- that’s your DNA. Consumer testing companies promise that in exchange for a vial of spit and a fee, they’ll reveal your heritage and clues to your health. Called direct-to-consumer genetic testing, the industry has grown in popularity- sales are projected to triple in the next five […]