Lehi Sees a Vision of the Tree of Life | 1 Nephi 8 | Book of Mormon

Sam…Sam. My sons, wake up. Come to my tent. Is it even dawn yet? I have dreamed a dream; or, in other words, I have seen a vision. And because of the thing I have seen, I have reason to rejoice in the Lord because of Nephi and also of Sam; I have reason to […]

Allah Kin Ki Shehrag Se Qareeb Hai? | Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Who is God Closer to Than Their Jugular Vein? This Prophetic Tradition states, ‘I am even closer to my servant than his conjecture…’ ‘…I deal with him according to the conjecture he has for me.’ This Prophetic Tradition isn’t for common people It is for those who have brought God in them It is for […]

Nephi Is Led by the Spirit to Obtain the Plates of Brass | 1 Nephi 3–5 | Book of Mormon

Father? Yes, Nephi, come in. Come in; sit with me. The Lord hath commanded me that thou and thy brethren shall return to Jerusalem. Laban hath the record of the Jews and also a genealogy of my forefathers, and they are engraven upon plates of brass. Thou and thy brothers should go unto the house […]

Alan Watts ~ Why Society Fears Psychedelic Drugs

so now This is the whole essence you see of seeing if you really see into this secret that the World Doesn’t contain any serious threats in it because it’s all The basic you running up behind itself and saying boo to see if you can get yourself to jump out of your skin If […]

Lehi Testifies of the Importance of Scripture | 1 Nephi 5:10–22 | Book of Mormon

They contain the five books of Moses! And an account of Adam and Eve, our first parents. Also, the prophecies of the holy prophets. Yes, and more. Look! The genealogy of my fathers. I am a descendent of Joseph, even that same Joseph who was the son of Jacob, who was sold into Egypt. The […]

Nephi Commits to Obtain the Sacred Records | 1 Nephi 3:1–8 | Book of Mormon

Which of us shall go? Laman, as the eldest, you have always claimed the right and privilege of being the first among us. We will cast lots. As I said … We await word of your success. -Oh, please, sit, sit. -Thank you … Zoram, fetch this man some wine. that will not be necessary. […]

Laman Attempts to Obtain the Sacred Records | 1 Nephi 3:9–13 | Book of Mormon

Seems you did not fare so well. At least I am alive. He called me a robber and threatened to slay me! Now what shall we do? We return to our father in the wilderness. We will not go down to our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord […]

Bishop Barron on Fr. George Coyne and the Fertile Cosmos

and the great good pleasure a couple weeks ago to sit down with father George coin for lunch and father George coin is a Jesuit priest and also he was for many years the director of the Vatican Observatory with headquarters both at Castel Gandolfo and in Tucson so he’s a Jesuit priest and also […]

Tracing the nations back to Babel (Creation Magazine LIVE! 3-12)

How and when did different nations and cultures arise? Today on Creation Magazine LIVE! we’ll talk about the origin of the nations. Creation Ministries International Creation Magazine LIVE! Hi. My name is Calvin Smith. And I am Richard Fangrad. Welcome to Creation Magazine LIVE! This week we’re going to talk about the origin of cultures […]

Promises—Made to be Broken? (10.14.18 PREVIEW)

Our promises that we make to God, we fail to keep it. I remember when there was an earthquake back in 99 my first earthquake it was scary in an earthquake you can’t run anywhere while you’re running everything’s shaking right though the earth underneath you is moving these are falling I made promises to […]