Design School Tips for New Grads | Kin Collab | Sea Lemon

Hey! This week, I’ve come together with some other YouTube channels to collaborate on the topic of tips for new grads. And when thinking of what kind of video I should make, I decided to draw on some of my own experience as a designer and offer some tips for new design grads. And if […]

Home Health | Our services at your home | Good Samaritan Society

It’s the start of a new day for Jessie Easton and she has plenty to do. Jessie: Well I’m old I have limited energy I have had poor (health) and that limits it further. her day is made easier with some help from Brianna Kirkpatrick a caregiver with the Good Samaritan Society’s services at home […]

Best Deviled Eggs Recipe | Kin Community

(cheerful music) ♫ Happy days are here again ♫ Gotta couple of bottles and a lot of friends ♫ Got good times going ’round ♫ Gotta good feeling all around ♫ I can’t be discreet ♫ We’re gonna have a party for a week ♫ Happy days, straight ahead ♫ So don’t turn right, don’t […]

DIY Rock & Wire Photo Holders | Kin Collab | Sea Lemon

Hi everyone! I got the chance to collaborate with some other YouTube channels on the topic of Pinterest inspired tutorials. And I decided to make the rock and wire photo holder. I based it on the spiral one with the rock base, but I also wanted to make a heart one. And you can find […]

DIY Duct Tape Flower Pen | Kin Collab | Sea Lemon

It’s springtime, and I have a fun DIY for you just in time for Easter. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a duct tape tulip flower pen. Also, I’ll share some ideas on how to give them as gifts. This video is part of an Easter DIY playlist. So stick around toward […]

DIY Spider Dog Costume | Halloween Kin Collab | Sea Lemon

I’m actually dog sitting 2 shar pies this week… this is Bella, and this is Fin. I wanted to get these pups into the Halloween spirit, so I decided to make them a little costume. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your dog a spider costume for Halloween. This costume is easy […]

Easy DIY Valentine Heart Stamps | Kin Collab | Sea Lemon

Hi! Today I want to show you some quick and easy stamps you can make to decorate your Valentine’s day goodies. For this video I got the chance to join some other great YouTube channels to bring you this playlist full of Valentine’s Day DIYs. So be sure to hang around after this project so […]

Small changes help make a dementia friendly community – Alzheimer’s Society

Radio: On air as the sun rises tomorrow morning form seven o’clock here on 107.9FM. Mary: Right. Mary: It’s not raining, good. Mary: Erm, what… shall I? I’ve forgotten… erm… should I? Driver: Listen, just go and sit down, just go and sit down. Mary: Yeah… right. Mary: Erm. Oh… that way… I don’t… what? […]

Someone Looked up Schumer’s Last Name on Ancestry com, Made Shocking Discovery

File this one under the category of “shocking, but not surprising” — Chuck Schumer’s last name means exactly what you think it does. The Senate minority leader has been in Congress for more than two decades, while traces its roots to the very non-digital year of 1984. In spite of this, no one bothered […]