How to Get Involved in Your Local Community

Hi! I’m Rachel Calderon Navarro and this is How to Adult. One of the coolest parts of being an adult is that you have agency. If you don’t like something, you can work to change it. And if you care about something, you can help make it even better. By getting involved in your community, […]

Making the Business Case: Improving Health in African American Communities

[MUSIC PLAYING] 45 million African Americans; 76 percent Obese & Overweight Adults; 40 percent High Blood Pressure; 48 percent Smoke Cigarettes Local Leaders & Businesses can help make healthy living easier in African American communities. People of color in this community continue to be the ones with [the] highest degrees of diabetes, highest degrees of […]

Making the Business Case: Community Health Workers Bridge Health Care Gap

[Music] Health care providers and patients both benefit when community health workers build bridges that lead to better care, fuller lives, and lower costs. Navigating health care systems is challenging, especially for patients with a language barrier or other problems understanding what chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease are and how to manage […]

Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

welcome back to the david passenger they were back on the day the package of make sure if you haven’t yet signed up as the day the package remember log on to david pacman dot com slash membership you get the commercial free podcast the bonus shows and access to what in just two weeks […]

The Health Assessment Process and your community

– So how was school today? – Good. – You sure? – Yes. – No issues that we have to talk about? – No. – And your homework was fine? – I didn’t do it yet. [laughter] – How come? – I didn’t have time to. – Okay, well, when you get home, what’s the […]

Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About The Illuminati – The Secret Society

Facts You Don’t Know About Illuminati Even the slightest of interest in history would have taken you back to Illuminati. You have heard about the name, haven’t you? Synonymous with control, power and outright evil, Illuminati is probably the most misunderstood organization to ever exist! From controlling banks to enslaving mankind, Illuminati can do pretty […]