Here’s What Harriet Got Wrong About Harriet Tubman’s Life

2019’s Harriet marks the first feature film about Harriet Tubman. While great care was taken to present the real Tubman, a few creative liberties were taken, to better illustrate her world and the values she stood for. Here are some of the things Harriet got wrong about Harriet Tubman’s life. When Harriet opens, we are […]

The Untold Truth Of Smokey Robinson

The name Smokey Robinson is practically synonymous with the ’60s heyday of Motown Records. As the frontman of the Miracles, his vocals led the way on many of soul music’s most beloved hits. But Robinson wrote plenty of hits for other artists, too, and his legacy on the music industry stretches far beyond his own […]

How These Notorious Serial Killers Really Got Caught

Parents might tell their kids monsters don’t exist, but serial killers sure do. And while no one’s managed to catch the Boogie Man in the middle of boogying, plenty of serial killers have been caught through the years. Here’s how several notorious murderers were finally stopped. Richard Ramirez had a lot of creepy names, but […]