Worldbuilding families, clans, dynasties, tribes and cultures with Professor Lin Foxhall

[Music] Hello, hello, hello everyone! And welcome! We are so thrilled to be with you again this week! Welcome to our world building Theme of the Month livestream. We’re going live every Sunday at 8 o’clock GMT that is I think 12 o’clock PST but you could correct me in the chat. Please do! Today […]

Murshid Kin Ko Qabool Karta Hai? | Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Who Does the Spiritual Guide Accept [as a Disciple]? Gohar Shahi Marhaba Mutfi Muhammad Ali Raza from Oldham, UK, asks: ‘God grants those he wishes to guide a Spiritual Guide.’ ‘But he doesn’t grant a Spiritual Guide to those he does not wish to guide.’ ‘My question is: why does God reject people when the […]

A Guide to Events & Festivals in Scotland

Our lochs, mountains and valleys are a spectacular sight to see, but your trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one of our many events and festivals. From our culture and heritage, with magnificent fireworks and traditional Highland dress, to tasting fresh seafood, competing in adrenaline-fuelled sports and exploring Scotland’s medieval past, there’s always something for […]

Adding a Family History – How to Guide

Adding family history. To add Family History, from the dashboard landing page, click on the “Family History” button from the list of options on the left side of the page. This will take you to the “My Family History” page. Here you can add content about the family history of the deceased. Once you have […]

Getting Started, Step 3 – Finding Challenging Information (FamilySearch Genealogy)

Finding Challenging Information You may come across ancestors that you know very little about. Their lives are like puzzles. Just waiting to be solved. There are two good principles for finding information about you puzzling ancestors. The first principle is to try to find information about your most recent ancestors and then work back in […]