Surreal Estate

If we were to find out that there was some paranormal activity but the house could be cleared would you have some interest? Would you be interested house if you knew it was okay? I’m Dicky Mopper and I’m a native Savannian, i’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve been in the real estate […]

WDCE’s Hauntings and the Histories Behind Them

Hi, I’m Janice Oberding and I’m doing a class called Hauntings and the Histories Behind them. This class will focus on ghosts, but also the reasons for “why are they here?”, historically why they are here. As an example, let look at the ghost of Miles Faucet who haunts a small little place in Carlin, […]

#paranormal #history #tbakerhaunted ST JAMES PRIORY RUINS, DUDLEY | HAUNTED HISTORIES

Hi guys, my name is T.L Baker and welcome to my channel. And today, I’m at St James Priory ruins in Dudley, and I’m going to give you a quick tour around. This used to be a Benedictine monk monastery. It’s about a thousand years old So let me show you around and give you […]