Data, systems, and society

We have a new revolution now where societies in general are generating real-time data that is driving the systems that we operate in. And understanding that designing the right systems for that is going to be a critical piece in the next 20, 50, 100 years going forward. What IDSS– the Institute for Data, Systems, […]

Genetic & Ancestry Tests – What You Need To Know Before Mailing The Kit In

Hello and welcome back to Health & Human Rights Strategies YouTube channel. I’m the founder and president of HHR Nicole Fisher. Today, we wanted to talk about a very popular holiday gift that’s also been making some headlines: genetic tests or at-home ancestry tests. Now on one hand, these tests are a huge victory for […]

Public options can strengthen society: Vanderbilt law professor

Public option is a government provided good or service that’s available to anyone and comes at a reasonable price and it coexists with private market options. Public swimming pool is a public option. Some people have private swimming pools. Public library is a public option. We at Vanderbilt have a private library. Public golf courses, […]