Western New York Beacon Community: Improving Health Through Health Technology

DAN PORRECA: The biggest city is Buffalo, but we also have very rural counties that make up the eight counties of Western New York. The biggest challenge is, right now, just communication. Previously, a patient would come in after having seen a specialist three months ago. The specialist sent them for a lab. They’ve forgotten […]

UC Davis Center For Reducing Health Disparities (CRHD)

(soft music) (speaking foreign language) – Living here and working here I see the disparities that we’re experiencing here at Solano County for marginalized communities. – Latinos and Filipino Americans and other under represented groups are not seeking services at the same rate as say the white population does and that’s gonna impact their health […]

Maternal morbidity: Study reveals disparities by race, ethnicity and health status of mother

– We know maternal mortality is increasing in the United States, and we know that there are significant racial and ethnic disparities. We know African American moms in particular are dying at higher rates than white moms. In our study, we examined racial and ethnic disparities in severe maternal morbidity, which is the need to […]

The Impact of Race and Genetic Ancestry on Medicine // Which Box Do I Check?

It’s very difficult to separate the idea of race from its biologic component, or genetic ancestry, because they’re interrelated. And in medicine there’re very clear examples where we know that race is very important. And it’s applied in medicine every day. Race is a social construct, but it includes biologic aspects like genetic ancestry. And […]