Welcome to the LLM in Health, Law, and Society

The LLM in Health, Law, and Society is a postgraduate taught qualification in Law that examines the relationships between law, governance and health Students can expect to cover a diverse range of topics from the regulation of the human body to social determinants of health and the impact of health inequality I am from Western […]

UC Davis Center For Reducing Health Disparities (CRHD)

(soft music) (speaking foreign language) – Living here and working here I see the disparities that we’re experiencing here at Solano County for marginalized communities. – Latinos and Filipino Americans and other under represented groups are not seeking services at the same rate as say the white population does and that’s gonna impact their health […]

Linda’s Story, Getting A Diagnosis And Keeping Active – Alzheimer’s Society

Took me about two years for my diagnosis. I hand a MRI scan and that’s when it was definitely diagnosed as vascular dementia. I was in a quite low state of mind at that time because I thought, I don’t know if I want to talk to anybody about it and when you do talk […]

Jerry Springer: When Leaders Misbehave, It Tells Society We Have No Norms | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Home Health | Our services at your home | Good Samaritan Society

It’s the start of a new day for Jessie Easton and she has plenty to do. Jessie: Well I’m old I have limited energy I have had poor (health) and that limits it further. her day is made easier with some help from Brianna Kirkpatrick a caregiver with the Good Samaritan Society’s services at home […]

What You Don’t Know About Ashly

– With social media, we’re able to make our lives look however we want them to. Whether or not it’s actually true, we can feign happiness and stability. So I’m here today to look behind the handle once again on someone you probably already follow to tell you something about themselves that you probably don’t […]

Is our society breaking children’s brains? | Natasha Devon | TEDxSWPS

Translator: Flavia Moreira Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I want you to imagine that you’ve just moved to a new area, and you don’t know it terribly well. So you’re walking around, trying to get the lie of the land, and you notice that every fourth person you see in the street has a broken […]

Tracing a cellular family tree

As a single cell divides, it can produce diverse populations of cells with different functions and gene profiles. But how a single cell is able to generate such diversity remains unknown. Now, researchers at MIT have developed a new technique that allows them to not only trace detailed family histories for several generations of cells […]

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