Minneapolis Community Comes Together On Christmas After Homeless Shelter Fire | NBC Nightly News

Family Sues Royal Caribbean After Toddler Died Falling From Cruise Ship Window | NBC Nightly News

HarvardX: Health and Society: PH201x About Video

ICHIRO KAWACHI: Why are some people healthy and others are not? MONICA WANG: In terms of the neighborhoods in which you live, does where you live matter over and above your individual choices? ICHIRO KAWACHI: Why is it that some countries have citizens who live long and healthy lives, whereas in other countries, life is […]

Tom Wright: Insurance must address the risks of ageing society

It’s about innovation and new products and services to support people going into later life. And in many areas, the financial service industry has been very poor at addressing and accommodating the needs of aging society. And as we live longer, often with great wealth as well, it’s a huge market opportunity and there’s great […]

Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities: How You Can Make A Difference (Ophea)

No matter where you’re from we all want what’s best for our kids. Am I right? When it comes to wanting them to be healthy and happy, We’re all on the same page. Growing up in today’s world has many opportunities, but also has many challenges. The state of health of our young people influences […]

Community Health Worker Certification and Licensure

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Kristen Rego and I am the Director of Health Transformation at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. I would like to welcome you to today’s webinar of Community Health Worker Certification and Licensure. Integrating CHW into the healthcare work force is a growing strategy for increasing access […]

Society where elderly live happily | Shinsuke Muto | TEDxUTokyo

Translator: Masako Kigami Reviewer: Claire Ghyselen There is a very specific reason for how I practice my medicine. I had a chance to make a house call when I was a doctor at the University of Tokyo Hospital. This is the house of my patient. I was appalled. As I only met him at the […]

The gold standard community for persons with developmental disabilities | John Fahrenbach | TEDxLFHS

Translator: Brian Vuksanovich Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard When I first started to plan out my talk here today, I knew that I want to hit upon two points, and that’s community and people with developmental disabilities. And this is important to me because over 50 years ago, my uncle Brian was born and upon his birth, […]