Vivaldi Four Seasons: Summer (L’Estate), complete; Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music, RV 315 4K

High summer: beneath the sweltering sun, A man languishes, along with his flock: the pines burn We hear the cuckoo’s voice; then the sweet songs of the turtledove and goldfinch. Soft breezes stir the air, but the threatening North wind sweeps them suddenly aside. The shepherd trembles, fearing the fierce storms and his fate. The […]

Histories and Lore – The Stormlands

BRIENNE: Tarth has lulled many a novice sailor into complacency. Our lush island sits on calm, blue water like an emerald set into a sapphire. You would never guess that such a vision is only the sheath hiding the blade of Shipbreaker Bay, with its treacherous tides, unpredictable gales, and sharp rocks lurking just below […]

It’s A Wonderful Life: Individual vs. Community

[Piano music] As we sink deeper into the fever dream that is this unusually divisive and fear filled season, it’s nice to have an antidotal feeling in the form of winter holidays. Throughout which, despite being co-opted by Hallmark commercialism, a sense of family, of coming together predominates. My family ritual of this time of […]

The Duskendale Incident – Game of Thrones Season 8 Histories and Lore

Varys: The coin of Aerys, Second of His Name, had landed on madness. But half the coins of the Targaryens had landed so. Yet only Aerys would be known as the Mad King, thanks, in no small part, to the Defiance of Duskendale. Duskendale was the greatest port on Blackwater Bay until Aegon built King’s […]

Game of Thrones Histories and Lore – House Dayne by Eddard Stark

YOUNG NED: As a boy, even l dreamed sometimes of being not a Stark of Winterfell but a Dayne of Starfall. Legend has it that the Dornish founder of House Dayne followed a falling star to where it hit the ground. And there he raised his castle. A fantastic story, l know, but House Dayne […]

Ancestry of Donald Trump: Trump’s ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt

Trump’s ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt, Palatinate on his father’s side, and from the Outer Hebrides isles of Scotland on his mother’s side All his grandparents, and his mother, were born in Europe. His mother’s grandfather was also christened “Donald”. Trump’s paternal grandfather, Friedrich Trump (later Frederick), first emigrated to the United […]

S. Korean Lim Ki-tack wins second term as IMO Secretary-General

in DTEC at the head of the International Maritime Organization has won a second four-year term as the organization’s secretary-general during the IMO is 31st Assembly session in London the South Korean was given the final greenlight in his first four-year term ends this year and his second term will keep in him office and […]

Game of Thrones – Histories & Lore: House Baratheon

(Robert Baratheon) “Ours is the fury.” These are the words of the black stag of Baratheon, a battle cry echoed throughout the land in rebellion when I, Robert Baratheon, the first of his name, seized the Iron Throne from the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, ending a dynasty nearly 300 years old. House Baratheon was born […]

The Blackfyres – Game of Thrones Season 8 Histories and Lore

Varys: Aegon, the Fourth of His Name, is remembered by history as “The Unworthy”. Quite a feat considering the other kings of Westeros. But even in a family not known for equanimity, Aegon stands out for spiteful incompetence. He tore apart the realm simply because he couldn’t rule himself, much less Westeros. As a young […]

13 Craziest Family Ever! Funny Family Pranks!

Who said that old age is a pretty sad stage? Our grandpa loves having fun and arranging pranks on his grandkids! Dropping dentures, faking fake heart attacks, feeding his grandkids with slime, and breaking laptops. Watch funny grandpa pranks in our new video! Our Grandpa is young at heart. He has been playing Warcraft for […]