Martin Luther: Protest of the Princes | Episode 25 | Lineage

In 1529, the second Diet of Spires convened right here. The first was in 1526, which gave each state full liberty in religious affairs. In 1529, all the German princes gathered here along with representatives of the church. The church’s desire was to crush out the heresy of the Reformation first by peaceable means, but […]

Impressions of RootsTech 2020

Hi, I’m Linda Sattgast, and I’m Charlie Sattgast and the two of us went to RootsTech conference last week. So we want to tell you about it and let you know why we think it’s a good thing to go to if you ever get the chance. [Music] Charlie, why don’t you tell us about […]

Martin Luther Discovers The Bible | Episode 18 | Lineage

There are certain events that have such significance that they are referred to as turning points of history. The life of Martin Luther would have such significance that it deserves to be thus classified. But sometimes big things come in small packages, and sometimes major world events have humble beginnings. On the 10th of November, […]

Wendish Religion: Ancestor Cult, Werewolves & Vampiric Dead

hello friends how are you, I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the religion of the Wends, also known as Sorbians well lately I’ve been mentioning Slavic peoples on my videos and if I’m not mistaken on the video about the horse in Norse religion I’ve mentioned some aspects of horse augury […]

How to Become the British Monarch

How to become the British Monarch: Historically, the crown sat upon your head mostly because you had the biggest army. When you died usually your eldest son kept control over that army and so the crown relocated to his head, though, of course, someone with a bigger army could change the political landscape quite abruptly. […]

The Ferrell Collection: Cataloging and Photography

[ music ] [ Matt Anderson ] In 2007 the Minnesota Historical Society acquired the Richard Ferrell Flour Milling Industry History Collection. Assembled over 40 years, the collection consists of more than 3,200 manuscript items 260 books, 1,200 photographs and 3,000 three dimensional objects. While it took us two and a half days to pack […]

The Lost Roanoke Colony

Hey guys and welcome back to That Was History. Today we’re going to take a look at the story of the Lost Roanoke colony. I was watching a video titled, “History’s 10 Most Mysterious Disappearances” by Hybrid Librarian recently, and quickly became intrigued by the Roanoke piece that was discussed. I took it upon myself […]

Measure your history with material. | Sonya Clark | The Art Assignment

Film Histories Episode 35 – Inchon

Often being referred to as the forgotten war, the Korean War, has seen lasting of effects in the modern world. But in terms of quantity to other modern wars, Korean War films pale in comparison to films on World War II, or the Vietnam War. That’s not to say there aren’t films on the Korean […]