The Lost Roanoke Colony

Hey guys and welcome back to That Was History. Today we’re going to take a look at the story of the Lost Roanoke colony. I was watching a video titled, “History’s 10 Most Mysterious Disappearances” by Hybrid Librarian recently, and quickly became intrigued by the Roanoke piece that was discussed. I took it upon myself […]

Measure your history with material. | Sonya Clark | The Art Assignment

Film Histories Episode 35 – Inchon

Often being referred to as the forgotten war, the Korean War, has seen lasting of effects in the modern world. But in terms of quantity to other modern wars, Korean War films pale in comparison to films on World War II, or the Vietnam War. That’s not to say there aren’t films on the Korean […]

The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man: Community Service By Boat (S1, E1) | History

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 6

I’ve been working on a project called the Dragon Center Stories Commemoration Project And so what we did was, we actually honored a shopping mall in Scarborough, it just so happens to be actually the first Chinese Canadian shopping mall, and actually in the first Chinese shopping mall in all of North America. And so […]

What was Bismarck’s Opinion about German Colonies? | NYK

Otto von Bismarck’s opinion regarding German colonies changed more than once during his time as chancellor. Prior to the unification of Germany, Prussia was several times in the position to gain control of land outside Europe. One reason as to why that never happened was Bismarck’s dislike for colonial conquest. In a letter, he explained […]

WDCE’s Hauntings and the Histories Behind Them

Hi, I’m Janice Oberding and I’m doing a class called Hauntings and the Histories Behind them. This class will focus on ghosts, but also the reasons for “why are they here?”, historically why they are here. As an example, let look at the ghost of Miles Faucet who haunts a small little place in Carlin, […]

Genealogy Pit Stop: Research in 15 Minute Increments

Hello everybody, and welcome. My name is Daniel Horowitz. I’m the expert genealogist of MyHeritage, and it’s a pleasure for me to welcome you, not only to our live audience here at the MyHeritage headquarters, but also to all of you around the globe that decided to come and attend, and look and hear at […]

Generations See What Their 150 Year Old Relatives Look Like For The First Time

– I have no idea who that is and why I’m upset about it. – Oh! (gasps) What? – I feel like my roots have been spread out and I’m reaching out into the past. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, this time of year tends to bring people together, and it usually means […]

What’s in a Surname: The History of Surnames and How They Help in Family History Research

Hello and welcome to the MyHeritage webinar series. I’m Marian Pierre-Louis, your host, broadcasting to you live from Massachusetts. Today we have Alejandro T. Rubinstein with us who is live in Mexico City, Mexico for his class, What’s In a Surname: The History of Surnames and How They Help in Family History Research. Thanks to […]