The Fight Over This 3.7 Million Year Old Human Ancestor

Move over Bigfoot! There’s a new ‘foot’ in town! His name may be Little Foot, but the questions surrounding this skeleton are anything but little! Hey everyone – Natalia here, guest hosting for DNews. Understanding human origins has been a preoccupation with humans since…well, since we originated. And since the discovery 41 years ago in […]

Hobbit histories: the origins of Homo floresiensis

This 9-millimetre-wide fragment of tiny molar was the first evidence of an ancient, equally tiny, human. It was found in a recent archaeological dig on an island in Indonesia, and sheds new light on the origins of the creatures known as hobbits. Back in 2004, strange bones were discovered in Liang Bua cave on the […]

When Hobbits Were Real

We’d like to thank Raycon wireless earphones for supporting PBS. In October 2004, our understanding of the human family tree was turned upside down. That’s when anthropologists reported that they’d discovered the bones of a tiny, unknown hominin, on the Indonesian island of Flores. This little creature stood only about a meter tall and had […]

Where Did Humans Come From?

Picture human ancestry like a single chain of species: primitive to perfect, with a progression of all the apey-human things in between. Now take that picture, crumple it up and light it on fire. That’s not how it happened. Now we know we’re just one of more than two dozen human species that’ve walked the […]