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Storage Wars Wasting our Time at the Auction Then We Score Abandoned

yeah so that was a baton lock and had not awarded that key would have looked him up in mint condition they were like so I just quick look but the highest I saw I’m not really familiar with anything either so I don’t have to buy better stuff pick our battles huh he was […]

Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Solo Playthrough #4/5 (Aridor)

Place-Based Learning: Connecting Kids to Their Community

>>Michael: Is there more than one way to figure out how big an acre is?>>Students: Yes.>>Michael: Could it be two feet wide?>>Student: Uh-huh.>>Michael: Right, it’s going to be really long, right.>>Brent: What works for student learning is engaging kids with their environment. It could be about the local culture. It could be about the local […]

Learning Partners: Co-Teaching With Community Experts

>>Brittany German: You would be surprised at the amazing things that fifth graders can learn that you would never think was possible. They will meet expectations beyond your wildest dreams.>>Dr. Dave Miller: So what do you think? Questions? Lots of them, right?>>Student: Yeah.>>Dr. Dave Miller: So the dimensions from one point to the next has […]


Enabling Community Contributions ft. Tom Scott

Community contributions Hey what’s up my name is Ali, I’m a Creative Strategist here at YouTube. We wanted to make an episode about community contributions so I spoke to Tom Scott who has been using this tool for quite a while. Community contributions is a tool that allows your audience to transcribe or translate your […]

Animal Proverbs: Eat Like A Dragon, Work Like A Worm | Intermediate Lesson | Trad. Characters

Hi everyone, I’m Josh. 歡迎回到中文播客 Hello everybody, welcome back to ChinesePod. I’m Joy. 今天我們要聊一些和 有關的句子 還有一些常見的用於 Yes, dragons are very common in the Chinese culture and they’re especially lucky. Right. 龍在中國文化里代表 和 And in fact, a lot of people want to have dragon babies born in the year of the dragon. 是龍寶寶,對吧? Exactly. 在很多地方我們都能夠看到龍的圖案 比如說春聯或者是廟裡面 […]

Here’s Why the Car Community is Toxic

rev up your engines welcome to Scotty Kilmer live car talk podcast where you get my 51 years experience of fixing cars and your car questions not often you’re gonna get a guy like me who knows about cars answering your questions for nothing honestly there’s a lot of guys out there giving advice that […]