Jessica Yaniv And The Trans Community’s Responsibility | Kat Blaque

This video was brought to you by the lovely members of my Patreon. So I’ve been trying to spend less and less time online and more time in meat space. And honestly, this change has been amazing for me, but it’s also meant that I’m not always up to date on the news. So when […]

A radical & successful approach to working with Indigenous communities | Denise Hagan | TEDxBrisbane

you I want to acknowledge the traditional owners of this country the Turrbal people and also those traditional owners in lockout River in 2002 I found myself on a very small 10 cedar plane flying to the remote community of Lockhart River in Cape York I was executive director leadership and culture in my State […]

Lesbian community in The Netherlands – Anthropology of the Dutch

Child Brides That Escaped the Sexual Abuse of Polygamist Cult FLDS

Our Ambitions: Chris Stone on the Open Society Foundations

George Soros created the Open Society Foundations because he wanted to do something for people he saw struggling for a more open society. It starts in South Africa, it starts in Eastern Europe, it starts in the former Soviet Union. But in place after place, he saw people who were trying to make a more […]

A Day in the Life at Open Society: L. Muthoni Wanyeki

I grew up in Kenya. I grew up under the Moi dictatorship. You can’t be unaware of poverty and disparity. I went away to university, started studying political science, and that gave me a frame to understand. I wanted to be involved. My role is overseeing OSF African foundations, responding to African crises and opportunities, […]

Open Society on Grant Making

The place to start is to think about strategy. You need a strategy that’s going to get you to your goal so you get the benefit of organized power, of multiple people, of people coming together to achieve something. It very much is predicated on the strategic frame of what you’re trying to achieve. The […]

Crackdown on Civil Society

CRACKDOWN ON CIVIL SOCIETY Civil society organisations defending human rights are increasingly targeted by repressive governments across the world. This movie will present some unbelievable stories about oppression, resistance and survival, told by human rights defenders who dedicated their lives to help the most marginalised groups of societies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. A […]