Measure your history with material. | Sonya Clark | The Art Assignment

Out of Place: The Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality (Part 2)

Jesus, Community, and Joy | Harrison Conley

There are many questions you are faced with every day. We are all searching for answers that will make a real difference in our lives. It’s hard to imagine that these answers might be right in front of us. Get ready to discover answers in the Bible with Bayless Conley. Hello, and welcome to the […]

Jesus Wrecks Society – Week 2

(audience applauding) – We should just pray and go home after that one. I mean, I don’t even know what that song means, but it’s awesome, and so I believe whatever it says. It’s true, and I just wanna welcome everybody from all of our campuses, online. And I just gotta tell you guys, we […]

How urban spaces can preserve history and build community | Walter Hood

How can landscapes imbue memory? When we think about this notion “e pluribus unum” — “out of many, one,” it’s a pretty strange concept, right? I mean, with all different races and cultures of people, how do you boil it down to one thing? I want to share with you today this idea of “e […]

Society’s Definition of “Success” is a Lie – 500k Q&A

Out of Place: The Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality (Part 1)

Official trailer: FAR FROM THE TREE by Andrew Solomon

When I was born deaf, my mother cried. She really did not see a future. The doctor said he would never amount to anything, his mental capacity would be little to none, and you should probably give him up and think about adoption. I really didn’t even know that something was going on, that there […]

Children Of Asian Immigrants Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made

– And that’s… Oh God, I didn’t think I was going to cry. – Both of them left their families and knew no one and came to this foreign country. – My mom moved to America and didn’t get to see her family or her siblings for almost 20 or 30 years. Didn’t get to […]