The UC Davis Campus and Community! Pre-Arrival for International Students

Welcome to the University of California at Davis! My friend Scrunch and I are here to help give you an idea of what life in Davis is like by showing you some fun and unique places on campus and around town. This is the Quad, which is the heart of the UC Davis campus. It’s […]

Duke Fuqua Community Connections – Business In Africa Club

– Hi everyone, thank you so much for joining us today. We’re super excited to be speaking to prospective African students, and students in Africa. We are the Business in Africa Club, and home to many African students at Fuqua, and students really interested in African business too. My name is Ineza Mutimura, and the […]

GKX1012: Appreciation of Malaysian Culture and Ethnicity (Mamunur Rashid 54436)

As-Salamu Alaikum o-Rahmatullahi o-Barakatuhu, Here I am Mamunur Rashid I am from Bangladesh, I am staying in Malaysia for 3 years, Studying in UNIMAS in Engineering Faculty. So, Today I am here to discuss with my Friend about Malaysian’s culture, religion and interesting some things in Malaysia. He is Azhik. Can you please summarize something […]

What’s Jerry’s Ethnicity? – Ask New Yorkers ft. Caroline & Marie

what’s ethnicity do you think Jerry over here is (intro music: Gong Hee Fat Choy) Korean? Vietnamese China South Korea Thai Chinese Philippines? China? Southern Korean, maybe? You’re probably from America I have no idea! I have no idea, I’m not good with this! Nepal? So Japan, you think I’m Japanese. No, no, Nepal! Oh, […]