Jack Whitehall Uncovers Controversial Ancestor | Who Do You Think You Are

to find out how Thomas Jones Phillips was regarded in his hometown Jack Whitehall and Michael are visiting Newports John frost school named after their ancestors neighbor they’re meeting local historian Rianne Jones singing the school’s choir keep John Frost’s legacy alive so we saw referenced John Frost in a letter that my ancestor wrote […]

When you find out your ancestor’s a ‘wrong-un’ 😂 | Who Do You Think You Are? – BBC

So, all over the Valleys, the miners and the ironworkers are angry, they’re up in arms, they’re forming mobs and they’re heading down towards Newport, and our ancestor is trailing them in his first-class coach… LAUGHING: Don’t do that! ..monitoring them at every point. Good that we’re peeling away the layers of Thomas Jones Phillips. […]