The Genesis Factor

“The Genesis Factor” is not the title of a book that is on the best seller list, nor is it a new Si-Fi movie, or TV documentary, but it is a hidden force which controls everything in the Cosmos. This message is not more theoretical science pretending to be factual science that dresses up in […]

World Mission Society Church of God and Its Critics

“I just learned about the bible with the Church of God, and I’m so happy. There are many things in the Bible that I didn’t know about. “This church is so amazing! I’m so excited” Do you have any questions?” “No everything is great, everything you showed me was directly in the Bible. I can’t […]

The Birth of Jesus – Gospel of Luke Ch. 1-2

The Gospel of Luke Luke investigated many of the earliest eyewitnesses of the life of Jesus and then composed this account. And the story begins up in the hills of Jerusalem. The place where Israel’s ancient prophets said that God himself would come one day to establish His Kingdom over all the earth. In this […]

Are you sure you’re ready for your Ancestry results? | 22 Minutes

It’s our first Canadian winter. That’s great, welcome! Hey, come look at this! Check it out. Look! Haha you’re from Cork! Yeah, Irish. Irish! Yeah, yeah. Are you Catholic or Protestant? What? I said are you a Catholic or a Protestant? But why? Look – 75%! Answer the bloody question! Uh, well, I think I’m […]


Jon: There’s this crazy story at the beginning of the Bible we have Adam and Eve and they in there in the Garden of Eden. Tim: And everything in the garden is great exactly is it should be except there’s this one tree that they’re told by God not to eat from because it’s dangerous […]

Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? (Masoretic Text vs. Original Hebrew)

Were the pyramids built before the Flood? According to Creation scientists, the Great Flood in Noah’s day occurred in about 2350 B.C. And then the Tower of Babel event would have occurred sometime after that, and then the Great Pyramids of Giza would have been built sometime after that. But, according to Egyptologists, the Pyramids […]

Luke’s Genealogy of Jesus (Why Jesus is not the Messiah 1)

In the Christian bible, there are two genealogies of Jesus. One in Matthew and one in Luke. Why are these genealogies important? What the gospel authors want to show is that Jesus is a descendant of King David, who was from the tribe of Judah. This is one of the requirements for being the Messiah. […]

SPIRIT OF FAILURE – MOVE!!! | TB Joshua Prayer For Viewers

Viewers all over the world, where can we go from His presence? Jesus knows your situation. He knows your disposition. He knows your heart’s desire. All you need now – heart. Wherever you are, what matters – your heart. Begin to receive, in the name of Jesus! Be free, in the name of Jesus! I […]

Abraham’s Descendant

From the time of creation, people everywhere have sensed that there is more to life than eating, sleeping, and dying. Around the world, various pagan and primitive religions have sought to explain our existence through worship of this mysterious force that created the world and put us here to enjoy it. This largely unknown creator […]