Ethnicities of Israel: Jews from before 1948

Sigal Tel Aviv What is your ethnic background? Ashkenazi (European Jew) Oren Tel Aviv Both sides? – Yes My father was the first generation born in Israel From where? – Poland On my mother’s side I am the eighth generation in Israel from the old city of Jerusalem From Jerusalem So I will ask you […]

Why is Jesus not the Messiah for Jews?

People who are Christian are asking Why is Jesus not the Messiah? Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz Jerusalem Excellent question The question can logically be asked I am sure you know this The very early Christians did regard themselves as Jews Jesus himself regarded himself as a Jew and many of the Apostles in fact were Jews […]

Ethnicities of Israel: Egyptians

You are from Egypt, correct? Yes Were you born in Egypt? Yes Where? In Cairo? Yes Cairo Julie Holon What do you still do that is connected to Egypt? What do I do? Every day I watch the tv and cry what the terrorism is doing to them To the Egyptians Yes I love them […]

Ethnicities of Israel: Romanian Israelis

What is your ethnic background? Yuval Jerusalem I am mixed A grandmother from Romania Grandfather from Turkey Grandfather from England Grandmother from the Ukraine A bunch of places, a mess Is there one that is more dominant? In terms of culture? That what? That is more dominant in your family No It’s all… It’s all […]

Ethnicities of Israel: German Israelis

What is your background? Ashkenazi From where? Originally Germany My father is from Germany Not my father my great-grandfather was from Germany Elazar Jerusalem And your mother’s side? More Poland She was from the United States but her family was from Poland At home, is one culture more dominant? between Poland and German sides Nah, […]

Ethnicities of Israel: Tunisian Israelis

You were born in Tunisia? Yes Esther Jerusalem Do you still cook Tunisian foods? It’s the same food as them The same food as Morocco Did you visit Tunis since moving here? Not at all Since moving from Tunis to Israel I never went there I was young when I came What year did you […]

Ethnicities of Israel: Iraqis

What is your background? Iraqi and Polish Omer Tel Aviv Do you still do something that is Iraqi? Like food We eat Tadbid, Kubbe My grandmother’s Is she still alive? Yes Do you listen to music from Iraq? No Do you speak Iraqi Arabic? No If Iraq was safer would you visit? Yes To visit […]

Ethnicities of Israel: Turkey

You are half Polish… My mother is Turkish but more Polish than a Pole How did that happen? Or Rishon Lezion So your father is Polish and your mother is Turkish Was she born in Israel or in Turkey? In Israel, both of them So it’s your grandparents that were from Turkey Yes Yes, my […]

Ethnicities of Israel: Kurdish Israelis

What is my ethnic background? – Yes Mixed Sasson Geva Binyamin (West Bank settlement) My grandfather and grandmother came from the border of Iraq a Kurdish area What village? – Persian, I don’t know You don’t know Because the Kurds want to know So Persian and Iraqi Together What do you still do in your […]