Le Méridien Family: Discover Together

[upbeat music] – Once upon a time, I traveled to this special place where you can scribble, invent stuff, and meet new friends from around the world. My family adventure. There’s my dad. He’s been all over the world. My mom has sunglasses for every mood. And, of course, there’s Lia. Her nose is always […]

Pete Davidson: SMD – Coping with a Family Tragedy – Uncensored

– We’ll do some 9/11 jokes, and then we’ll get the fuck out of here. How’s that sound? [laughs] It’s hard to transition into anything. I don’t have–I don’t know if you’ve noticed anything about my comedy, but there’s– there’s not many transitions. It’s very, like, “Dick, fuck, Dad.” Like, it’s, like, very straightforward, easy-listening […]

星野源 – Family Song (Official Video)

When I woke up and wiped off my droll I saw the light smiling by the window The blue of the sky, the dancing green leaves The trace of folded towels As an ambulance siren tightens my heartstrings I wish my love would reach you through the evening melody I just hope happiness will be […]

Community Song (Citizenship Song) – Audio

There’s so much going on around me. Sometimes I think that it is all about me. Then I look around and see what’s in front of me. It’s you and me, we help others in need. [Techno breakdown] I am a citizen, of my society and I participate in my community. I do my part. […]

Unicorn Rescue Society: Uchenna Sings Karaoke

Unicorn Rescue Society-y We have adventures with our mythical creatures Follow our channel for all our videos and all the fun stuff that we post here! And if you like them go to our website and if you’re awesome You could be a member too! When did you have time to write those lyrics? Write […]

5 Children Separated From Society

5 Children Separated From Society. Number 5. Vanya Yudin is also known as “the Russian Bird Boy”. It is said that when he was found by Russian caseworkers in 2008, he was 7 years old and unable to speak. He did nothing but chirp and flap his arms as if he had wings, and exhibited […]

Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities: How You Can Make A Difference (Ophea)

No matter where you’re from we all want what’s best for our kids. Am I right? When it comes to wanting them to be healthy and happy, We’re all on the same page. Growing up in today’s world has many opportunities, but also has many challenges. The state of health of our young people influences […]

My Family | Learning Video for Kids | MY KIDS TV #2

My Family Mother Father Sister Brother Grandmother Grandfather Dog Cat My Family Repeat please Mother Father Sister Brother Grandmother Grandfather Dog Cat My Family Repeat please Mother Father Sister Brother Grandmother Grandfather Dog Cat Thank you

Our FAMiLY NiGHT ROUTiNE! | Behind the Braids Ep.69