Non-Probate Transfers in California Estate Planning – The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen

Hi everybody! It’s Andy and welcome again to my office in Modesto, California. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in California as well as New York. In this video, I’m going to go over a California estate law planning technique called a Non-Probate Transfer. Specifically, I’m going to talk about a non-probate transfer called […]

5 Questions – California Probate Cases – The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen

Hey everybody it’s Andy and welcome again to my office in Los Altos, California. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in California as well as New York and in this video I’m gonna go over the five questions that I think you should be prepared to answer when you’re dealing with the aftermath of […]

Star Wars Family Tree

And so if he had gotten ahold of Rey, then he would’ve raised her up in the evil, dark side of the force. -Got it. And when I say got it, I mean not really. So I finally saw Star Wars, and I have to admit, I’m just as confused as ever as to who […]

Hillary Scott & The Scott Family – Thy Will (Official Video)

♪ I’m so confused ♪ ♪ I know I heard you loud and clear ♪ ♪ So, I followed through ♪ ♪ Somehow I ended up here ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna think, I may never understand ♪ ♪ That my broken heart is a part of your plan ♪ ♪ When I try to […]

Ellen Meets Mom Dedicated to Giving Back to Community

So I love talking to people in my audience. Right now, I want to take a few questions from the audience. And there’s some names here of people that have questions. Sage [? Treiman– ?] where is– [? Treiman? ?] [SHRIEKING] OK. [LAUGHING] Hello! Oh, OK. Hi. Hi, Sage. Hello! Hello, Sage. Hi. Hi! Is […]

10 Surprising Facts About Adolf Hitler – Nutshell School

Ten surprising facts about Adolf Hitler 1. he was rejected from art school twice 2. Hitler loved Disney 3. he also admired the Native American genocide 4. he was a vegetarian, but not for the reasons Most people think 5. Hitler sent Jesse Owens a picture of himself 6. Hitler never made it to the […]

Bradley Cooper Reveals Irina Shayk & His Family Were ‘Utterly Supportive’ Of His Role In ‘A Star Is

– Congratulations, man. I have to say I was sitting in the theater and at one point you and Gaga were on stage singing for the first time together. And you were swaying. And I found myself… I realized I was like, oh no. I’m swaying, too. Only to find that Sharon, my producer, was […]

Community Tree Planting Program- the benefits of street trees

The City of Stirling is committed to increasing the number of street trees with your help, cooling your community and improving your environment. People living in ‘greener’ communities spend more time outside, know their neighbours better and have stronger feelings of belonging. Plus research shows that shaded streets increase property values by over $16 000. […]

Why did Carl Sagan form The Planetary Society?

Carl Sagan said, “I believe our future depends on how well we know this cosmos in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky.” That’s why he founded The Planetary Society. To give people from all over the world a role in space exploration. To make sure we continue to look […]