Candy Craftsmanship: Korea’s First Family of a Classic Confection

(energetic instrumental music) – [Narrator] In Chungju, South Korea, there is a family carrying on a generations-long tradition of making yeot, an old school Korean treat that is still popular today. (speaks in foreign language) – [Narrator] Yeot dates back more than 1,000 years to the Goryeo Dynasty. (speaks in foreign language) (playful instrumental music) […]

President Moon names anti-corruption reform and fair society as his gov’t mission

President Moon Jae-in says his government’s mission is to stop corruption and establish a fair society. He was speaking Friday at the Blue House… in a meeting attended by dozens of his administration’s top officials. “Expanding these anti-corruption meetings to focus on building a fair society makes clear the government’s determination to make sure that […]

North Korea’s Complex Family Tree

Kim Jong-Un is the third generation of the Kim family to rule North Korea. The tyrannical dictator is the face of the nuclear rogue nation, but details about the rest of his family are kept highly secret. From what we do know, the power behind this brutal regime is filled with stories of bitter divisions, […]

S. Korea’s ruling party whip vows efforts to foster fair society

South Korea’s ruling Democratic Party has vowed upmost efforts to foster a fair society and an economy where all can coexist in a policy speech at the National Assembly on Monday the party’s floor leader Ian Young highlighted the need to reform the prosecution and revamp the way elections are done here in order to […]

S. Korean PM promises better society grounded on principles of fairness and justice

South Korean Prime Minister Onegin says the government is promoting democracy not only through laws and policies but also by touching every aspect of people’s lives he delivered these remarks at a ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the students independence movement which took place in the southwestern city of Hangzhou on Sunday he added […]

Voter ethnicity arises as main variable in upcoming U.S. presidential elections

Less than five days and counting, that’s what’s left until the U.S. presidential election,… and the race is becoming tighter by the day. And experts say that the turnout rate of black and Latino voters can rise as the main variable on the day of the election. Kim Hyo-sun has more. With less than a […]

Moon focuses on creating fair society and calls on N. Korea to respond during budget…

earlier today president moon jaein addressed the National Assembly calling for supporting getting next year’s budget passed as well as continuing dialogue to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula and for more on this we connect live to our presidential office correspondent Sam in at the top office so so I mean the president focused […]

Tears and hope fill the last group reunion of the war torn families

Scores of South and North Koreans bid an emotional farewell on Wednesday following their first reunions after more than six decades of living apart following the outbreak of the Korean War. They said goodbye, knowing that it will almost certainly be the last time they will ever see each other. Lee Ji-won reports. The last […]

LITTLE BIG – LollyBomb [Official Music Video]

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