Khitan: deciphering China’s forgotten Para-Mongolic language

History is fickle. Your people could sweep across the steppes centuries before the Mongols. You could build a great literate empire. We can know so much about you, the life story of who was first and who last. China itself can write official texts about you. Yet it’s no guarantee, after all that work, that […]

LinguaPhiliax: My Own Australia Day Tradition

Hello, everybody! I’m LinguaPhiliax, and the 26th of January is almost upon us… … so it’s almost time for me to start my annual tradition… … of refusing to use the English language on this day in any way, shape or form. And what’s so special about the 26th of January you may ask? Well, […]

‘An Inspector Calls’: Eva Smith Character Analysis (animated)

How exactly do you analyse a character who never appears on-stage and has no dialogue in a play? Despite holding a central role in ‘An Inspector Calls’, the audience never meets Eva Smith. However, Priestley uses Eva’s lack of voice and presence on stage to symbolise the lack of power held by women and the […]