Enabling Community Contributions ft. Tom Scott

Community contributions Hey what’s up my name is Ali, I’m a Creative Strategist here at YouTube. We wanted to make an episode about community contributions so I spoke to Tom Scott who has been using this tool for quite a while. Community contributions is a tool that allows your audience to transcribe or translate your […]

How to Use the Audit Log: Finding Errors & Transaction Histories: QuickBooks Online US Tutorial 2018

anytime you or any of your company’s users does something in QuickBooks QuickBooks records it onto something called the audit log you can access the audit log by selecting the gear icon and then audit log from the audit log you can see every event that happens in your QuickBooks company file along with the […]

Students Discover the Power of Gratitude on a Community | Class Act

-Please take out your gratitude journals and write down three things that you’re grateful for, that you appreciated from today. And make sure that you’re comfortable sharing at least one of them. We teach an extended day, and we were noticing that the kids were leaving very discouraged. And we came up with the idea […]

Community Begins with the Morning Meeting

>>Teacher: The assassin’s going to start winking at people, and when they wink at someone, that person dies. And the detective’s job is to find out who the assassin is before everyone in the room dies.>>Narrator: In every middle school in Louisville, Kentucky, the day begins with a healthy dose of fun. For twenty minutes […]

Foster a positive community – featuring Jackie Celona from jrcpr0ductions

Foster a positive community On YouTube, you have an opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Here are a few key tips that help you more easily moderate your community, protect your privacy, and stay safe online. Set the tone of your conversation Setting a good example in your comments and behavior can […]

The Finger Family Song | ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Children

Daddy Finger Where are you Here I am .Here I am. Daddy finger Whats your name Thumb Iam Thumb I am Call me thumb Mommy Finger Mommy Finger where are you here I am, Here I am how do you do Mommy Finger Whats your name I am called Index finger you know me Brother […]

Make lifelong connections in the Microsoft Educator Community

– There is a feeling of being valued and understood as an educator. (upbeat music) (children laughing) – My vision of education is us learning together. – It’s the idea that each day we come, whether you’re in the nicest place or the hardest place. – My students benefit from whatever I learn on the […]

Engage Your Audience With Community Posts

The cool thing about the Community tab is it allows us to reach out and interact with our audience, via quick, bite-sized pieces of content or questions. It’s nice to ask them “What’s your favorite topic here on my channel?” “Well, I like grammar, or I like pronunciation “or I like when you have some […]

Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society | PennX on edX | Course About Video

Creating with Common Sense: YouTube Community Guidelines

If you create content for YouTube it’s important to understand our Community Guidelines. Common-sense rules that anyone using YouTube needs to follow to keep their videos and account in good standing. If these aren’t followed, content may be flagged by the community and after review, could be removed, age-gated or possibly have features restricted on […]