for KING & COUNTRY – pioneers (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY pioneers. I am here you were there lying side by side out of touch out of reach in the great divide parallel lines hear the rain count the drops on the window pane wide awake stalemate why do we play this game oh God I hate this game throw open the […]

Basic Mandarin Chinese | Lesson 7 | Learn to tell your surname!

Welcome to CultureAlleyMandarian!! Nǐhǎo this is Basic Mandarin lesson 7! Lets start by going over some of the phrases that you learnt in the last lesson… Miss translates to Xiǎojiě Mister/ Mr. becomes Xiānsheng While Mrs. Is translated as Fūren Similarly, Female friend or girlfriend translates to Nánpéngyǒu Male friend or boyfriend becomes Nǚpéngyǒu and […]