Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 6

I’ve been working on a project called the Dragon Center Stories Commemoration Project And so what we did was, we actually honored a shopping mall in Scarborough, it just so happens to be actually the first Chinese Canadian shopping mall, and actually in the first Chinese shopping mall in all of North America. And so […]

Trans or Just Upset By Your Place In Society? // Ask Jack

Hello. So, I get a lot of questions from people and I can’t always answer all of them so sometimes I try to put a bunch into a q&a video, but a lot of the questions I get aren’t answerable in a quick, tongue-in-cheek kinda way. Some of them require a longer, more thoughtful response. […]

Fighting Misogyny In The Gay Community

Misogyny is a real problem And, no! This isn’t another video about the president-elect. Listen up, queens, ’cause if you suck dick and you’re mean to girls this one’s for you. Making out with boys doesn’t mean you’re immune to being a tool of the patriarchy Or just a tool So, how do we demean […]

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories Part 1. Institutional vs Community Archives

Well, I am not an archivist. [LAUGHS] I think that sort of brings in some neutral space into the work I do, because I’m not a scientist of archives. I work with people and communities. And I work at ‘technically’ a community archive. I think the feeling is at the ArQuives A-R-Q-U-I-V-E-S that our history […]

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 2

It’s very challenging. My job at the archives is trying to build bridges with communities that we have historically marginalized, including the Trans community, BIPOC communities, and I am BIPOC, so it’s an asset to my position and still I have to hold that card very carefully and it’s not actually card it’s a whole […]

Dating in the LGBTQ+ Community | ZULA ChickChats | EP 74

I was like, “If you wanna bring me home, it’s gonna cost you.” As in, cost you a lot of time, effort; not money! Sorry! I was, like, what?! Hi! I’m Andrea. I’m Gabby. I’m Alex. Hi, I’m Leah, and this is Zula ChickChats! So, hi guys! Welcome to this episode of Zula ChickChats. And […]

Trans Woman’s Family Sues NYC Over Jail Death | NowThis

– My biggest fear was losing my sister. And I’m facing my biggest fear. – Sing it! Sing it! Wait, let me sing it first. – Layleen Polanco was my sister. She was 27 years old when she passed away. Layleen was more than my sister, she was my best friend. We was extremely close. […]

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 7

I think archives can serve different purposes for different communities and they’re not mutually exclusive. So, I think we think of archives as what one person might call ‘an arsenal of accountability’, so they become evidence, right? and early archives were evidence of property ownership, of patrilineal, you know genealogy, of rights and entitlements for […]

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 3

In the early years of what is now the ArQuives (with the Q), it was really founded by two, possibly three champions, who saw that there was something of value there. So the the Gay Liberation Movement had come to an extent had come to a point at which it had produced material culture but […]