What to do with your Scanned Collection?

What to do with your scanned collection? You have finally scanned your entire collection. Newspapers, Books, Manuscripts and Art. Now instead of a pile of papers you have a pile of files. How can you organize, search through them and view scanned images quickly from anywhere in the world? MediaINFO is offering a quick and […]

University of Iowa cataloging 4,000 tiny literary jewels

Only a mouse could curl up with one of these at night teeny-weeny tomes miniature books and grad student Bethany Klunder is cataloging them do your eyes ever get tired yeah especially with the really tiny ones the University of Iowa has anything but a pint-sized collection four thousand all measuring three inches or less […]

Subject Headings

In this tutorial you’ll learn what Subject Headings are and how to use them in your search. By using Subject Headings you can often avoid frustration. You will save time and locate useful terms that might not have occurred to you. The index at the end of a book is similar to tagging in Facebook. […]

Deep Learning, Biogeography, and the Evolution of Plant Shapes

– Okay, very excited to be here today to talk to you about work that I’ve been doing as a postdoc on the evolution of plant shapes using these models that we’ve been hearing a lot about this morning. So I think there was a good primer for the work that I’m gonna present here […]

Reclaim The Records: Lecture at the 2016 IAJGS conference in Seattle

Alright, good afternoon everybody. With the number of people here, I’m sure that everybody has heard all about Brooke and her wonderful Reclaim The Records. [applause] Who is a modern heroine of genealogy. But I’m thrilled to introduce her. She is founder of Reclaim The Records, a not-for-profit activist group that uses state Freedom of […]

the MIT Science Fiction Society

I’m Alexandra Westbrook, I’m a junior at MIT, and I’m currently the Lady High Embezzler of the MIT Science Fiction Society, and that is our Treasurer position. We aim to have 100% of all speculative fiction written in English—however, in reality we probably have around 90%. Speculative fiction includes science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and […]

WDT! Genealogy

According to USA Today, genealogy is the second most popular hobby in America and genealogy websites are the second most visited category of websites on the Internet. Did you know the Batavia Branch of the Clermont County Public Library houses the Clermont County Genealogy Society’s collection? Hi, I’m Hilda and we’ve had visitors from as […]

Genealogy and Local History Collections Panel Discussion

Hi. We are back at the North Carolina Virtual Family History Fair. I’m Rebecca Hyman with the Government and Heritage Library here in Raleigh North Carolina. Our last discussion of the day is on genealogy and local history collections. We will have three librarians from across the state of North Carolina who will be joining […]

Wills and Probates: A Bonanza of Information for Genealogists 12-17-2017

Welcome to Wills and Probates: A Bonanza of Information for Genealogists. My name is Stephanie Asberry, and I’m the supervisor of the Genealogy Division at the Indiana State Library. During this webinar, I’m going to be talking about the exciting topic of wills and probates, and how they can help you with your genealogy research. […]

Colin Surname – In The Library [Paparazzi·Lady Gaga]

Reading is rad, But the books that I’ve had Only sit on my shelves. I’m bankrupting myself With the price I pay. There must be some other way. I wanna read All kinds of genres From crime mysteries To the Mr. Men books But without the cost And there’s this place I’ve come across That […]