The Power Of Cataloging Your Thoughts

It really is a powerful way to put content out to have that freedom to talk about whatever you want and then to have the secondary step of where you decide how to actually post produce so for this next topic I want to talk about my topic list which is here on the screen […]

Who Was the First Human Ancestor? – Instant Egghead #31

Scientific American Instant Egghead Who was the first human ancestor? Well, we know 30,000 years ago our ancestors were making early cave paintings. About 60,000 years ago, some were migrating out of Africa. Even before that, some of our recent ancestors, like Homo erectus, were chipping away at stone tools. And, going back much further, […]

Telling It Like It Is | Family Reunion | Netflix

No one dishes it out like family. Get ready to be old-schooled. Nothing like family to keep you woke. And telling it like it is. Ready. -Call ’em out. -Let me hear it, let me hear it. Rapid fire. I remember being punished. We knew we had it coming, and it was coming hard. I […]

Pete Davidson: SMD – Coping with a Family Tragedy – Uncensored

– We’ll do some 9/11 jokes, and then we’ll get the fuck out of here. How’s that sound? [laughs] It’s hard to transition into anything. I don’t have–I don’t know if you’ve noticed anything about my comedy, but there’s– there’s not many transitions. It’s very, like, “Dick, fuck, Dad.” Like, it’s, like, very straightforward, easy-listening […]

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 6

I’ve been working on a project called the Dragon Center Stories Commemoration Project And so what we did was, we actually honored a shopping mall in Scarborough, it just so happens to be actually the first Chinese Canadian shopping mall, and actually in the first Chinese shopping mall in all of North America. And so […]

Celebrating community jobs for Oregonians with disabilities

How are you? My name’s Paula. Kids like me. They call me Grandma, and they call me Shortstop. I like kids and I like people. I’m Paula Christine Lane. I’m a staff employee. Paula is part of the Portland Children’s Museum family. I enjoy working with Paula because she comes in with this great positive […]


what’s up everybody? welcome back to my channel! hi, how are ya? today I have a very special guest all the way from Dallas Texas we have Cole Cardigan in the building! Hello! hi babe? How are you? You’re here, in the studio! I don’t even believe okay quick backstory I discovered him on Twitter […]

01 | I like animals. #LearnKorean (Eng/Span/Viet. sub)

For this week, we’ll talk about living things. Not humans, but animals and plants. Do you like animals? I like animals. I have a dog. Normaly, Koreans say I raise a dog. I have a dog. In another way of saying it, I’m raising a dog. One day, I was walking around and went to […]

You’re part of a society | University of Huddersfield International Study Centre

My name is Yasmeen, I studied an International Business Foundation. I remember how I felt back then and I am comparing it with now. I was really confused and scared, I didn’t know what I will do. I didn’t even know if Marketing was the correct major, I didn’t know if I would meet anyone […]

‘Jen Ain’t Gonna Like This’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(club dance music) – [Announcer] Tonight, get your GTL on. Jersey Shore is all new. – I didn’t even wanna go swimming. – Swimming? – Mm-hmm. Wanna go in the jacuzzi. – Oh yeah, the hot tub back there. – Yeah, and it just so happens to be on, it’s weird. (Vinny laughs) – We’re […]