Lehi Gives His Family a Final Blessing | 2 Nephi 1–4 | Book of Mormon

What are you doing? Joseph, the Lord has commanded me to make plates of ore for the instruction of our people. Nephi, Jacob, everyone come. Your father wishes to speak to you. I have seen a vision, in which I know that Jerusalem is destroyed; and had we remained in Jerusalem we should also have […]

Death, Heritage, and Poland [Kult America]

Last September I received a phone call informing me that my estranged father had died alone in his home at the age of 57. Naturally I was shocked by this news and 4 hours later I bordered a direct flight to Chicago to confront a highly difficult emotional time. One of the worst moments for […]

Mitochondrial DNA: Bite Sci-zed

So everybody knows you get half your DNA from your mother and half your DNA from your father, right? Well, except for that portion of your DNA that comes only from your mother that resides in your mitochondria. Let’s back up, way back, to the moment of conception. When sperm and an egg come together, […]

Book Examines Varied ‘Tapestry’ of Michelle Obama’s Ancestry

bjbj”9″9 JEFFREY BROWN: And next: A new book takes a look at the roots of the first lady’s family tree. Gwen Ifill has that story. GWEN IFILL: Among the four million slaves living in the United States on the eve of the Civil War, there was a 10-year-old girl who, a century-and-a-half later, would turn […]

Relatives Genealogical Software

As your family grows and you welcome new members it can be important to remember where they came from. The problem is keeping track all those branches in root to the family tree. RELATIVES is a simple to use program that will help you visualize your family tree as far back as you want. With […]

North Carolina Genealogical Society Bible Record Project 2018

Hey everybody, my name is Connie Knox. I am here to help you go further faster, but factually with the family research I just returned from the North Carolina genealogical society fall conference And while I was there I met a gal named Sharon Gable and she is working on a Bible project for the […]

Welcome to Genealogy TV

Hi, welcome to Genealogy TV where we discuss a variety of family history topics all in an effort to help you go further faster… …but factually with your family research, and it’s all free I promise. If you’re new to genealogy be sure to check out the Learn Genealogy series geared toward beginners and slowly […]

Have you ever questioned your family’s ancestry? | 22 Minutes

I always thought my family was Dutch but thanks for Ancestry.com, I found out I’m actually from The Netherlands I was told my family name was Persian, but Ansestry.com confirms my family came from Iran Crazy right? My parents tried to tell me they celtic, but Ancestry.com says without a doubt my mom’s Irish, and […]

How to use TurboScan for Genealogy: Learn Genealogy Research (How to Research Your Family Tree)

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode on genealogy TV My name is Connie Knox a lifelong genealogist today. I’m starting a new segment a new Series called an app for that and I am going to talk about apps that are specific Really good for genealogy. So what I want to do is share […]

Lineage – Cooper’s Hawk May 2018 Wine of the Month

Happy spring, fellow Wine Club Members! I’m Tim McEnery, the Founder & CEO of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants and I’m here to introduce our May Wine of the Month, our white Lineage. If you remember, we did a red Lineage last year that everyone seemed to really enjoy. So, we thought we’d do that […]