Histories and Lore – House Frey

CATELYN: Some houses rise to power through strength. Others, through wealth. House Frey gained its title through cunning. Centuries ago, its founder looked at a map and noticed how the Trident spears the Neck, cutting off the North from the South. He realized that a river of gold would flow to the man who owned […]

Ask Professor Dave #1: What’s My Ethnicity?

Hey guys, welcome to ask Professor Dave. I get a lot of questions by email and in the comments section of all the videos, and a lot of them are not about science, they’re actually just personal questions about me, and I wanted to figure out some way to answer these questions for you guys, […]

The Worship Society – La bonté du Seigneur

When my heart is heavy, when my bones are weak When I cannot stand up, Your love will carry me When this fear I’m fighting feels like sure defeat I will run and hide in the love You offer me And I will sing to You The goodness of the Lord never fails me The […]

The Genesis Factor

“The Genesis Factor” is not the title of a book that is on the best seller list, nor is it a new Si-Fi movie, or TV documentary, but it is a hidden force which controls everything in the Cosmos. This message is not more theoretical science pretending to be factual science that dresses up in […]

19. War and Society

Prof: I now actually want to move on to the topic of the real lecture today, and I’ve titled the lecture “War and Society.” And I mentioned on Tuesday’s lecture– at the very end of it–I mentioned that although the Treaty of Paris formally ended the fighting of the American Revolution, that there were a […]