Getting involved in the TensorFlow Community (TF World ’19)

AI: Impact on Society

AI and Machine Learning can affect every part of society. For instance self-driving cars use AI to recognize their surroundings, track objects, and make super important decisions like when to stop. Machine Learning is already being used in some really amazing things. It’s allowing us to be more energy efficient. We use it to improve […]

2019 Aurora Forum Impressions: Mirza Dinnayi

The Aurora Forum is a new idea to make a big humanitarian network. The only thing that we share from USA to China to Australia are these human values, despite the religion, the ethnicity, the nationality, the country. So therefore the Aurora Forum has a big future, especially as a platform for all those people, […]

Will A.I. Change Society? – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

We’re here at the Barbican centre in the AI: more than human exhibition. One of the key things about the artists in this show is they’ve come from different backgrounds and AI is the thing that’s really brought them all together. I always find working with AI and machine learning to be a very human […]

Using Data Science to Influence the Customer Journey | Sameer Rahman, Kin + Carta Edit

hello everyone I am here with Sameer Rahman who runs the data science practice at Kin +Carta’s Edit Agency and we’re going to talk a little bit about data science today and the practical applications of data science within the customer experience. Sameer, maybe we can start you can just give us a little bit […]

Royal Society of Canada – New Scholar Parvin Mousavi

My name is Parvin Mousavi. I’m an Associate Professor at the School of Computing, Queen’s University. My area of research is computer assisted interventions and diagnosis. Essentially, I apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to data from various modalities such as medical images and molecular signatures to come up with computer models. These models help […]

How Do We Keep an Entire Society Healthy?

Public health is a discipline which is focussed on the health of populations. Everybody understands, you know, my health, going to the doctor, one person at a time. But when you stand back and think about what makes society healthy and people healthy in society, that’s really where public health focusses. A lot of people […]

American Cancer Society Uses Machine Learning to Power Cancer Research

We know from past studies that, how important pathology is for breast cancer. It’s not just one disease, There’s lots of different types of breast cancer, but we’re still trying to really understand what that different types look like. And so, to really get to utilize machine learning tools to help us accelerate our understanding […]

Royal Society Brian Mercer Award for Innovation 2013 – Dr Stephen Hicks

Dr. Stephen Hicks from the University of Oxford is the joint-winner of this year’s Royal Society Brian Mercer Award for Innovation. He and his team have developed and tested smart glasses technology that allows people within impaired vision to navigate freely and confidently around the environment. What we are trying to do with the project […]