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Conversation at Night | How Society Affects Men’s Mental and Emotional Health | Season 1 Episode 6

thank you for joining us on this episode of conversations at night and I am your host Irene Sidede on tonight’s episode we’re gonna be talking about masculinity and some of the struggles in which men face in society we do have a guest today his name is Ronnie a ward kings and he’s determined […]

7.2 – case study 1 – race and ethnicity

As with other identity categories, race and ethnicity intersect with other identity markers and produce together a specific social location and related forms of oppressions, such as violence, invisiblilisation, silencing, and stereotyping. At a structural level, we can see a lack of access to resources, education, and professional roles as well as workplace discrimination. Through […]

Media and society

Does the media reflect or construct social reality? This question is at the heart of lively debate among sociologists about the relationship between media and the social world. On the one hand, there are those who argue that mass media simply reflects the attitudes, values and norms of the society that it’s situated within. On […]

MacFamilyTree 8 – Attach media files to a person

To add media files like audio, video, URLs oder images to a person, look for the section labeled „Media“. Click on „Add media“. Choose „Add image from file…“ to add an image from your hard drive to the person you are editing. As an example, we add an image of the face of Robert Kennedy. […]

“The Press in a Free Society” by Ayn Rand

miss ran very happy to have you with us again our subject this week is the role of the press and let me begin by asking you what ought to be the role of the press in a free society on the broadest sense of the world the press means all media of communication as […]

Role of Media in Shaping – and Reflecting – Culture and Society

Good morning. My name is Marisa Quinn. I’m the vice president of public affairs and university relations here at Brown. Welcome. Welcome to the 250th anniversary of your institution. Thank you so much for coming and bringing the sunshine from wherever it is you came from, because we’re very happy to have it gracing us. […]