Play in the “Undying Love” Community Event

February 13-18 Undying Love TRACK IT LIVE @ Complete Quests Together With Your Close Ones Help The Community Finish 1 000 000 Quests In Co-op Win The Valentine Crossbow & Paint Job NOW ON SALE

Module 2: Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) meet Microsoft Teams

Our school has a great topic for a book study this school year to help us in meeting our student achievement targets. What we need now is a way to keep everyone organized and learning collaboratively. We’re going to see how Teams can help drive the success of our professional learning community. We log into […]

How To Contribute To The Open Source Community?

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I got a question about open source. This question is from—I think it’s Saqib and he says, “Hi John, I recently started watching your videos thanks to my country unblocking YouTube.” Well that’s good. “Your videos are right on the spot for me and I’m using them to […]

Make lifelong connections in the Microsoft Educator Community

– There is a feeling of being valued and understood as an educator. (upbeat music) (children laughing) – My vision of education is us learning together. – It’s the idea that each day we come, whether you’re in the nicest place or the hardest place. – My students benefit from whatever I learn on the […]

How Microsoft Azure is helping the American Cancer Society

>>We touch millions of lives every year.>>Everyone that volunteers for us has been impacted by cancer.>>Our volunteers did not like our older apps, we needed to change everything. We had to transition to a DevOps methodology. We moved from Team Foundation Server to Visual Studio Team Services for the ease of collaboration.>>We used Visual Studio […]

Using Open Data to Build Family Trees

>>Hi. I’m Erica.>>I’m Ashley.>>This is The Open Source Show. [MUSIC].>>Hi. I’m Ashley McNamara, Developer Advocate.>>Hi. I’m Erica, and I do a lot of things.>>What are you excited about in technology these days?>>Oh man. I’ve been a nerd literally all my life. It’s probably a problem. But right now I am very excited about and passionate […]