Keynote 1: Forging Digital Societies Through Digital Platforms

Good morning. Welcome to another edition of mobile Digital Societies. And welcome to Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur for the ones traveling from out of town. I’m Claude Ashgar. I’m Managing Partner of excel consulting. we’re a specialist advisory firm. Before I go on and talk about anything else I would like to thank the sponsors […]

THAT FAMILY – MFF ACT NOW on Climate Change

The water is gone, our hopes are gone. A pipe opened by God knows how long. The hashtag “Close The Tap” is already a trend [♪Pipe♪] This may be one of the worst moments in history. [♪It’s been over a year♪] Is it true what they say about the tap? We do not affirm or deny […]

Mobile Banking App | Nationwide Building Society

We launched our first mobile banking app for iOS and Android back in 2012. Since then we’ve listened to your feedback and continually improved and refined it. A lot’s changed in those four years. Now, we’re proud to announce a completely new app, shaped by your feedback and designed from the ground up to help […]

Tech Rant: Will 6G Destroy Human Society?

– President Trump tweetedthat America needs to be first in 6G.Obviously, he had no idea what he was talking about,but he was right.– You’ve been hearing a lot about 5G;5G is coming, 5G is now, 5G is big, 5G is scary,5G is going to change everything.But I’m here to tell you about 6G.5G is the […]